Friday, March 17, 2017

G4, P2: Another Day, Another Orphan

"What happened to my daughter? Did you kill her?"

"I might have. Who's your daughter?"


"LOL! You're April's other dad? Give up the revenge, dude. You never once came to see her, nor did I ever see a support check in the mailbox. She was your daughter in DNA only."

"And I'll end you just like I ended her."

Welcome back! Jason is out of jail and back on the warpath. April's father, Louis, is one of three sims on Jason's latest kill list.

"I LOVE lists! They make me feel so productive!"


Oh look. It's Dara and Madison, the last two on the kill list.

Rose: "I'm so cute!!"

"Here's something to cry about, Dara."

"Sorry Grim, but you're coming right back. Time to go join the rest of your real family, Madison."

So rather than GO BACK INTO THE HOUSE like I told his stupid ass, Jason stood and gloated over Madison's body just long enough for the police to show up. Fine. Go sit in jail, you dumb fuck.

"I'm so cute!!"

Rose had one living grandparent that for the love of all that is holy, I could not find him in Edit Town, so once again my simself is playing foster parent.

I'm really glad I made the stage a party area since this little kitchen has no decent photo angle without taking the walls down.

Jeanette rolled even for her trait, so she is now disciplined, as well as evil and hates the outdoors.

"Hey baby, we're good friends now, so how about I tell you how smokin' you are first thing in the morning?"

"Eh, sure, we can discuss it, but no matter how green our relationship bar, I'm not going to be interested."

Thomas ended up spending the night at Lea's house in hopes of busting up her relationship with her boyfriend, and getting her to marry him. But no matter how high their relationship bar got, she brushed off all of his attempts to flirt.

I checked to see if she was unflirty, but she's the opposite! Sorry man, I really don't think this is going to work.

Jason has the Master of Seduction reward. I wonder if that matters? Thomas doesn't have enough points for it right now. He used her shower, ate her food, then cut his losses and went home.

Lydia grows up to look a lot like her mother, whom she'll never see. Not that it matters. It's looking like her aunt and uncle are going to raise her.

"I don't wanna."

"Me eefer."

I don't care, Shane. Your brother is busy and your sister is pregnant, again.

Once again, the bartender draws the short straw. Our venues hardly ever get full, even as hotspots. Hmm, wonder why that is?

"We don't allow customers behind the bar, sir. Can I help you with something?"

"Yes, Frank, yes you can."

"I'll have a 'winning streak'. Mine, not yours."

"Yes!! I LOVE this! More! I want to kill MORE!!"

Alright. Kami works at the foreign market. Quick, jump in the new car I bought you and let's see if you can beat the police.

Sweet ride, eh? He needs something to get him around town fast.

And it's his favorite color. ;)

"Found her."

"Sir? Excuse me?"

"Dammit, it's stuck!!"

"I'm starting to think I should leave."

You might.

I tell Thomas to get his ass home asap so he doesn't go to jail. He does this instead.

"MUAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!! I shall be Riverview's most infamous serial killer! My father will bow before me!!"

Yeah, that's great. GET YOUR ASS IN THE CAR!!

"Okay, okay. Damn."

This? Is not home.

"I felt the need to get out of the car and wait. I can't explain it."

"They always think they can get away."

They frequently do get away.


Hours later.

Alright **clap clap** You've had a nap. Up and at 'em! You've still got to find and take out Jada.

Turns out that Jada works at the coffee house. You've really got it in for the service role sims, don't you?

"What'cha reading? Tibetan Book of the Dead?"

"No, Game of Thorns."

"You're supposed to be working, Jada, not reading."

No shit. No one can order anything from the bakery counter half the time because the barista is standing around with their thumb up their ass.

"You know, I think I'll go read somewhere else."

Sonuvabitch, she's glitched.

No one knew it but her.

"What are you all looking at?"

"You're supposed to be a ghost, Jada."

They were all standing around staring at Jada, looking like they are waiting for Grim.

"Where the fuck did she go?"

He tried to kill her a second time to no avail, so I reset her.


"Tell it to your lawyer, sir."

"I never get a lawyer!"

*sigh* Back in jail.

"I don't suppose that anyone is going to help me with this one, either."

Hey, Shane does his best, considering none of the kids are his.

Julia had little Elvis, who rolled one odd, one even for his traits. He's an evil artist. Potential.

"Where is she?"

At the coffeehouse. I'm not sure she exists outside of it.

"I also want that bitch who keeps arresting me."

Hmmm, we'll try Tom, but she's an NPC without a "home base" so to speak. I don't know if it's going to be possible.

"Oh dear. I think you got me this time."

"I fucking hope so since I'm about to pass out."

"Live by the coffee, die by the coffee!"

"You got that right. Die!!"

Just to be sure, Thomas impales Jada's head with his leg.


"Great death! Beautifully done!"

I'm afraid that you're next, Donald.

"Oh I'm so happy it's an eventful night! I was nervous that I overdressed for nothing."

You're in the line, too, Eve.

"Why, father, WHY??"

He strides over to Eve, ready to do the deed before he gets arrested, again.

When he stops to gloat. I'm so annoyed with him because she's right. friggin'. there, and he's dicking around.

But then..............

"NO ONE gets away from me! I am GOD!!"

"*gasp* the light ............. light??"

"Fuck all you motherfuckers!! I RULE this town!"

"Uhhhhh, is Dad here or something?"

Apparently some times he can stab or bash someone multiple times to no avail, and other times he doesn't even have to stab them for it to take. Dexter, I no get you.

It's quite a scene.

"So worth it."

Coming up next chapter, Thomas continues his killing spree and attempts to beat Jason's record.

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