Sunday, September 24, 2017

G7, P5: Deportation

Last chapter, there was a party and nobody died.

"Go to bed, you little delinquint. I'm tired of looking at you."

Luckily, the Foxes pull through for the afterparty.

"Fuck you."

"Oh you're gonna pay for this, you little bitch."

"On the receiving end, this time, huh? That's a bummer."

"Yeah, don't go anywhere."

He initially wanted to see Stuart grow up well, but fuck that now.


"Worthless fuck."

"You. Asshole."

I'd say their relationship plummeted but they already hated each other.

"Oh my god, my son!!!"

"Heh, just kidding. I'm gonna go hit the buffet table."

"I don't even get a flower for this one."


And my unlucky Stewie is back.

This is just sad. Don't worry, Stewie, we'll get you another friend.

Darlene Bunch: "But does it have to be me?"

"Pink is my favorite color! How much do you like pink?"

Stewie and Darlene bond over losing a hot dog eating contest together. With Thorton, but we're going to ignore him.

Yay!! Stewie has two friends!!

"Tiny", heh heh.

The ghosts have been out. They seem to enjoy the new lot, although they'll also grab cabs to god knows where.

Thomas really likes the keg.

Lydia likes to haunt the keg so Thomas and Blaine have to stay sober.

"Who's a cute puppy? Who's such a good puppy?"

"Who's a dumb sim?"

"I don't know, who?"


"Jesus, Rory! You could have said something!"

"He could have, but he doesn't want to get on my bad side."

"Yeah, that's true actually."

"Yay!! I'm super-intimidating!!"

This is why you only have two friends, Stewie.

As much fun as Stewie's teen years are, all good things must come to an end.

"You fuckers need to cheer."

"I like this burger more than you, you fuckwit."

Eventually the family, and Darlene Bunch (friend 2/2), come to celebrate.

Ben: "I'm not cheering. Fuck these guys."

He still comes to all the parties, though.

Since Stewie is already mean-spirited, I decided to just roll for his trait.

Flirty it is, then. Mean-spirited, Insane, Grumpy, and Unlucky? C'mon peeps, he's a total catch!! I have a feeling that his lifetime wish and the theme of this game are going to go very nicely together.

"You need to stop talking shit about my friend, Stewie!!!"

Darlene is not impressed with Holly Alto's trash talk.

"Faster, you fucking fat ass!! Come on!! Quit being such a goddamn loser!!"

Malcolm Landgraab: "But, Mr. Fox, I just asked if I could try out your gym."

"SHUT UP!! More running, less talking!!"

"Okay, bored now."

"Phew, I almost broke a sweat."

"BOOOO!! Happy Birthday, Stewie!!"


This ought to go well.

"I need a knife."

Looks like my simself, doesn't she? It's not, she's Sandi French. And I failed on getting a screenshot of the wish.

"Fuck this bitch in particular."

"How dare you?  That was a birthday scare!"

"No!! *gasp* I'm too pretty to die! *wheeze*"

"I liked this gym before, now I LOVE it!!!"

Damn, Alex got buff, didn't he? He works out a lot for his warehouse job.

Malcolm, and Victoria Goth: This is not a good party.

Marie: "Damn right it's not!! Mwahahahahaaaa!! Your party sucks, Tesla!!"

Mortimer Goth, and Darlene: "We're having a great time!!"

"Tyler's dripping on the floor."

"You're too stupid to come in out of the rain."

You're all too stupid to come in out of the rain.

"Die now."

Stewie: "This wasn't very satisfying."

See 'ya, Tyler.

In about one minute.

"What the fuck, you little shit! I threw this party for you!!"

Bebe Hart: "Oh MY! This was not on the invitation!"

"*SOB* I'm gonna totally flunk out of school!"

He is, at this rate. He has NO green moodlets at all. I'm so glad that social services doesn't seem to give a crap about teenagers.

"Another one! I'm going to have a special vase just for you, Tesla!"

Damn, Marie!

"Shut up! It's stressful as fuck, living in this house. It's not my fucking fault."

"This is YOUR fault, Alex! If you all weren't so fucking crazy, I wouldn't have to stress-eat all the time, and then I wouldn't be so fucking fat! I hate your ass!!"

"Oh please, you're not blaming your ass on mine!"

"All y'all's fightin' has made me need to pee!"

It's 1am, Bebe. You need to go home.

Alex: "But if she goes home, she'll miss all the fun!"

"Nevermind, I'll just pee on the floor."

"Come on, Grim! You've brought me back before! My son needs me! Plus, I'm skinny again!"

"Where is your son?"

"Zzzzz I vote to stay here in bed zzzzzzzzZ"

Only Rory got up to mourn. Tesla, Stewie, and Tyler slept through the whole thing.

No death flower for Marie this time. She now resides in the graveyard across the street, where she can laze around in the hot tub all night long.

And thus finally endth Stewart's young adult birthday party. Death count: 4   Staying dead: 2

If you scroll back up you'll see that Stewie has a wish to travel to France locked in. I didn't let the Foxes travel from Riverview as I felt that the artificial extension of life unfairly added to the body count (also why University was never allowed). The point was to kill as many sims as wished for within the lifespan allowed. Plus travel tends to shorten the life of my game files and I really didn't want to move the Foxes before the challenge ended. But, that score no longer matters, and now they can move as often as needed, sooooooooo.

"Hi, I need two tickets to Champs Les Sims.......... No, they don't need to be together. In fact, it's probably better if they aren't.............. Great, thanks."

A whole lot of loading later...

"What is this thing? It sparkles."

"I don't know, and I don't care. I'm going to the nectary to get my drink on. You do what you want."

"Oh, cool! I'll come with!"

"*sigh* Great."

Being the youngest of generation six, and having been dead for longer than he ought to have been, Alex hasn't had much of a life since growing up. He works, exercises, plays chess or uses the telescope, and occasionally offs another sim. He's never really had a chance to meet anybody or do anything fun. So I decided he would get to come with Stewie. Hopefully they'll do something other than fight.  I gave Alex an extra death flower just in case.

So the boys head off to the nectary for their first day of vacation.

"Meh meh, I think I'm SO fancy with my ugly hat and stupid accent!"

"How DARE you .. you get your finger out of your ear!! I know you can hear me!!"

Maybe this wasn't such a great idea. Stewie's LTW is going to be tough to achieve if he kills everyone first. He wished to visit the market, so I abandoned left Alex to his own devices and sent Stewie to the market.

"Well hello! I'm Manon, and you are??"

"Heh, I'm Stuart."

There we go! That's more like it!

"You're really beautiful, Manon!"

"Why thank you, you are quite handsome, yourself!"

Totally smooth. Her fate sealed with a kiss.

Girlfriend number one! He brings her back to the hostel for some "quality time".

"You know what you are doing, yes?"

"Oh hell yeah, I've done this loads of times."

Not a bad first day.

How's it going, bud?

"Okay. I learned something new."

Alex went to the art museum and, thanks to the fully accessible China display, learned the martial arts skill all by hisself.

Now, to accomplish his LTW, there's something else Stewie needs to do.

"Look at you! You're a B cup at best! We're OVER!!"

"Fine with me. I'm not going to miss anything."

"No, you won't miss anything."

"And no one's going to miss you."

"Spontaneous combustion! I don't see that very often."

"You haven't this time, either."

"Please Grim, I did not burn, he murdered me!!"

"What? Nonsense. No one has been murdered in my entire tenure here in Champs Les Sims."

"Top hats are way better than berets, bitch!! You've got no idea what you're talking about!!"

Damn, cannot send these guys anywhere.

Awww, Alex wants some action, too.

"I love your hat, Alex, it's so eye-catching!"

His very first kiss.

"Oh, there's more?"

There's more. Gotta love that very conveniently placed tent.

"Don't you have something else to do?"


"You're gorgeous, Colette!"

"You are just saying that."

He probably is.

"Be my girlfriend, Colette?"

"I'd love to!!"

Number two!

The nectary is fully equipped, so they didn't even have to leave.

Of course we don't have time to waste, here.

"You know, I'm feeling really suffocated here, Colette."

"What? What are you talking about? We just met!"

"I gotta be free, Colette. A wild stallion like me just has to run. You're not my girlfriend anymore."

"Also, you're ugly as fuck."

"You.......psychotic freak!"

"Fuck you, you stupid, cruel, horrible, dip-shit VALLEY BOY!!!!"

"I'm doing this town a favor."

Gerard Morel: "What has happened here?"

Shop Lady: "I do not know. Such a thing has never happened at the Nectary before."

The Foxes, ruining Champs Les Sims since 2017.

Next morning, their last day on vacation.

"There, all nice and neat!"

He didn't even sleep in that bed. YOU ARE MAKING ME SAD, ALEX!!

They both head down to the cafe to get something to eat.

Where Stewie decides that Edith, wife of Gerard and mother of Pascal, will be his next victim girlfriend.

"I am afraid that my husband and son will not be happy about this, dear Stuart."

"Let them be unhappy, it feeds my soul."

Gerard: "This is not funny anymore, Edith."

Pascal: "Mother! My childhood, it is ruined!"

You're a teenager, shut up.

"I need to ask you to divorce your husband so you can be my girlfriend, Edith, but I've just come up with a better idea."

She can still be his girlfriend if she's a widow, right?

"You're in my way, prig."

"Hello, Aimee."

Go on, bash her.

"I can't."

"LOL!! OHMAHGAWD!! Is that man wearing a top hat?"

What the fuck?

"Do you see him? *snicker* He's wearing a top hat!!  A TOP HAT!!!"

Officer Lefevre is here to arrest Stewie.  I didn't think they could be arrested here. There's no police station. Where the hell are you going to go?

"Mr. Fox, sir, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to escort you to the border. We at Champs Les Sims simply do not have the resources to deal with a serial killer, so you need to leave."

What the what now?

And he got in the officer's car and disappeared. The car was sold and we got the money for it, and Stewie was gone from the side bar.

I have never seen this before and was freaking out a little that Stewie was GONE gone. Nothing from his inventory went to Alex, it was if he never existed.

This error notification didn't ease my mind.

This, however, did.

"HaHAAAAA!! So long, you dumb ass!!"

*sigh* I hoped that Stewie would be back in Sunset Valley, so I decided to have Alex go home so I could find out.

*save as*

Luckily I had saved right before Stewie killed Gerard, so if this all goes south and he's really gone, I'll just go back to that save and end their trip a little differently.

"Hi, I need to change my itinerary, my braindead nephew got deported and I need to go home and make sure he still exists.  Thanks."

Coming up, find out if Stuart made it home in one piece or do I revert to the older save (cause I'm sure as hell not losing him to this)? And we get some new family members!