Friday, November 10, 2017

G8, P6: Mel Gives Tyler What For

Well .......... I'm glad someone tests the probes, although I'm not going to think too hard on exactly what probe testing entails.

Last chapter Stuart and Mel got married in a lovely yet vaguely unsatisfying manner. A few kids had birthdays, and Tyler is suddenly demanding more of my attention.

Horace: "I guess I'm not going out after all."

Tyler rolled his kill wish for Horace at the end of last chapter, because birthday party.

Horace: "I don't even know you, man!"

"Oh Horace! Our poor, fatherless child!!"

Tyler also wants to kill KwhateverthefuckI'mnotcheckinglastchapter but she's pregnant.

And their child will not be fatherless as Horace is unlucky!


Grim: "You're welcome."

She's working, so chill for awhile.


Okay, Stuart, we get it.

Somebody is in a mood. He later tracks down Althea at the movie theater.

"This guy is an asshole."

"Damn, that was fast!"

"I don't appreciate you making miss half my movie, Mr. Fox."

And this is where Stuart decided "fuck everybody".

He, however, is locked up, so let's see what's going on at home.

Mel: "It's my sleep outfit, so what?"

It's 6pm and you're not sleeping.

"Tyler, what is going on with you? You've been following me around all day."

"I thought you liked me?"

“LIKE you? You can’t be serious? Why in the world would you think I like you??”

“Well, for starters you spent your entire wedding reception flirting with me.”

“You idiot! I was only trying to get Stuart back for wearing that stupid bathing suit instead of his tuxedo. How could you not have known that?”

“You are nothing but a pathetic, third rate, bottom tier, glorified BABYSITTER who can’t even hold a job at the GRAVEYARD!! I would NEVER get involved with the likes of you! You’re nothing!! Once Idionka and the other one grow up you’ll probably get moved out because you’re absolutely USELESS. Like you. PLEASE.”

“Well…………. You think a lot of yourself, Mrs. HITLER.”

It was inevitable. No wonder Stuart didn't get mad at the reception.

“It’s too bad, Mel. If you had given me a chance, I’d have given you your lifetime wish.”

"And now your life is over. No more wishes for you, Melanoma."

“You wheeze BASTARD!! Stuart will gasp make you pay!”

.Hon, I think it's going to take a couple of days for him to notice you're gone.

Also, I cannot believe this is the outfit she dies in. Please haunt us in your wedding gown, Mel.

Grim, I beg you! She’s going to make me spend eternity with Tangerine!! Please! You can’t let her!!”

“Oh darling, you made the hell that is your bed. Take comfort, you’ll look amazing lying in it.”

Look amazing in your wedding gown, Mel, or your business suit.

So ends Melanoma Hitler-Fox’s brief reign as Queen of the Fox Den. In death, she takes her rightful place,

on the bathroom floor next to Tangerine. See you around, Mel.

Stuart gets out of jail.

Sorry to have to tell you, Stu, but Mel is dead.


Mel. Melanoma? Your wife?

"YES!! That's awesome!"

Or he finally became an adult.

After aging up, Stewie had some business to take care of.

My simself: "Dammit, again?"

Stuart: *yawn* "Unclench, bitch. I'm not here for you this time."

He's here for Devin and Athena.

Devin goes first as she's an easy target.

"Hello, Athena."

"And goodbye."

Langston: "Kristin, what's going on? Why is the guy who killed my mother here?"

Me: "Believe me, kid, if I had any say in the matter he wouldn't even exist."

Even though he is exhausted, Stewie is nowhere near done yet. He moves on to Allison's house.

"You are a complete barbarian!!"

"I like killing people while they are making mac and cheese."

"Mmmmm, mac and cheese."

Not now, you've got something else.

The elixir shoppe gets a lot of business from the Foxes.

The elixir gives him enough caffeine to track down and dispatch Karri.

But he still needs to nap through her soul-harvesting.

That leaves us with Nick Alto,

whom Stuart finds at the grocery store. Nick makes a run for it! Do we have another Iqbal?

Nick: "I crossed the street! That'll do it, right?"

No, no we don't.

"Booooo!!! You suck!!"

Bye, Nick.


"BOOOOOOO!!! You forgot that you can't kill me on the sidewalk, you dumb shit!!"

Oh goddammit. We'll get him later.

Charlene proves to be an easier target than maids past.

Stuart: "Or maybe I'm just better than everyone else."

Yeah, that's it.

"Ha ha HAAAA! That bitch did nothing but eat our snacks. Send a hot dude, next time!"

"There's something very suspicious about you, young man."

"Sure, now hold still."

Dorie dazzles with her powers of observation.

"All this murder is so time consuming."

Stu grabs a snack before hunting down Greta.

Who gets the feeling that something is Not Right.

She tries to defend herself with the Vortex of Outfit Changing!

"*GASP* I can't believe that didn't work!"

And fails.

"And where is the murderer?"

At home, clear across town.

"Oh. Well fuck that then."

"Yes, I just had my baby, so what?"

Khalilah, whom Tyler wished to kill way back during Stuart Jr.'s birthday party, is finally available, so while Stuart tracks down further prey, lets give Tyler a little camera time.

"Well, you caught me, you big fucking loser. Are you proud of yourself?"

"Yes I am, god knows no one else is."

"And you can't form a proper sentence to save your life."

"It's not my life you should be concerned with, Khalilah."

Sure, I got nothing else going on.

Stuart finally tracks down Walter and dispatches his sobby ass.

"My poor Allison!! I knew we should have moved to Desert Palms!"

"Whoa man! No need to get personal!"

"It's never personal."

So long, Byron.

"It's my birthday, bitch! You didn't even throw me a party, no cake, nothing!"

Good lord you .................... look like your Dad. Yikes.

Since she is not a Fox by blood Idionka gets a straight-up rolled trait. She is now a clumsy, easily-impressed daredevil.

Celina surprises me by making it to young adulthood. Damn, girl!

"*SOB* All of my friends are dead!!"

Because of a well-timed opportunity that she had completed that day, Celina's grade was high enough for me to roll for her final trait. She actually rolled odd and now has mean-spirited for a trait. I briefly considered keeping her before deciding that there are still too many sims in the house for my comfort level.

I moved her into a nice, big house by the coast. Good luck, Celina. I honestly thought you weren't going to survive.

Confession time. I don't have a kill wish pic for this guy. I have no idea who he is.

Mystery dude: "Well then, it shouldn't count."

Stuart: "It counts, motherfucker."

I don't have my sims kill out of the clear blue. There must have been a wish for this guy and I either forgot to screencap it, or lost it.

Stacy Diggory: "OH MAW GAWD!! I'm not fat, I'm PREGNANT!!"

"BOOOOO!! You killed Cedric!!!"

"Mom? Mooooommmm???? MOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!"


"It does look a bit rundown, but they had an opening for a stock manager, and the hours are good!"

Alrighty then.

"You can stop holding your breath, now."

"I'm not."

"Because I'm going to end it for you."

"You're an asshole."

"That was creepy."

You would know.

Stuart has one last sim on his list.

"About fucking time you got home."

Nick: "NO!! I don't want to die!"

"And I didn't want to have to chase you all over town. Nobody gets what they want."

"Damn this blasted town!!"

Thus ends Stuart's latest kill streak. Thirteen sims, including mystery dude. Not much in the grand scheme of the Foxes, but our longest recent streak by quite a bit.

Coming up, more murder and mayhem, and we finally have a toddler free household.