Sunday, January 14, 2018

G8, P11: Stella Goes Streaking

Welcome back to the Killer Legacy! Last chapter Virginia turned herself into a frog, Stella very helpfully killed her to break the curse, and we went through a shit ton of death flowers. Stella wouldn't quit dying and I forgot to give her a flower, so she's currently hanging out in the media room until I can resurrect her, AGAIN.

Life goes on for the rest of the Foxes.

"What is this even for?"

I have Tyler make ambrosia so we have some available for when Stella's ghost blesses the house with her presence.

Virginia has her young adult birthday the same night all the other shit went down, thus why she didn't get a party.

She got to roll for her trait, so she's now an insane daredevil, who hates the outdoors, is mean to everyone, and is also eccentric. It's fitting. Her lifetime wish is Alchemy Artisan, she has to use 50 elixirs over her lifetime. Doable but I don't know how much effort I'll put into it. I don't want her running all over town collecting all manner of crap any more than she has to. I want a stockpile of invigorating elixirs, anything else is a bonus.

"I want to go to University."

She did throw that wish. Since Stuart got to travel to France, I decide to let her.

"Who do I feel has been the biggest influence on my life? I'd have to say Stuart, although they want me to explain why.  Hmmmmmm. Can this be used against me in a court of law?"

She does very well on the aptitude test. She ought to, the girl's got skillz.

Of course she enrolls first thing the next morning.

I figure one term is enough. I want her to have the experience, no need to actually graduate. She's going for Science and Medicine as it seems to suit her better than Fine Arts.

Stuart: "The fuck is this truck?"

Tyler: "I don't fucking know. I hoped you were moving out."

"Bite me, asshole."

We're sure going to miss you two sweethearts.

"Hey! That didn't take long at all!"

She's living in one of the co-ed dorms.

I did make sure she got her own room that I redecorated for her. I ditched the bed since she doesn't need one and gave her a nice chair instead. She has an alchemy station and her own shower. Hopefully she doesn't get cursed again as there's no one to kill her, here.

So rather than drag this out, I'll tell you right now that nothing Foxy happens. It turns out that when you take Virginia away from her family, she starts to resemble a fully functioning member of society.

Her schedule is pretty typical.

She actually makes friends fairly easily.

She even learns how to mind meld.

She goes to parties.

She even gets some action!

It's not all sunshine and roses. Left mostly on autonomy, she doesn't get along with everyone all the time.

But nothing ever came of it. She never wished to be mean to anyone.

Because she doesn't need to sleep, that left her plenty of time to study, skill, and party. She did very well with her studies.

"I got an A!!"

"Aw man, I failed!!"

She also made the Dean's List.

Overall, Virginia had a great time. She worked hard, played hard, and made friends. For one sim week she got to have a "normal" life.

All good things must come to an end.

"Well, back to the grind."

"I don't suppose anything has changed."

"BOO!!! Welcome home, freak!!"

No. Nothing has changed.

"What happened to this guy?"

He's dying.

"But ........ he's all silvery."

He's dying of old age.

"People actually do that? That's a thing that happens?"

Not often, I'll give you that.

So Tyler's on a date.

"What the fuck, Tyler??"

"You asked me out to the DUMP, you bitch!!"

"It's better than you deserve!!"

"Punk! You're half the man the man Stuart is."

Seeing as she's become some kind of Fox groupie, I think Darlene actually likes it.

"You need a fireplace poker to beat me up? Wuss."

"I think you enjoy this a little too much."

"Better than Weight Watchers, amirite Grim ol' boy??"

Darlene is SUCH a groupie that she married into the family. Her husband is David, Ben's son.

To my knowledge, neither Rory nor Celina have had any children, so any other Foxes in town are related through Ben.

"I'll play whatever fucking game I want, you little shit!"


TJ goes first.

"Play whatever game you want NOW, dick."

TJ: "Man, such a waste."

Tyler gets his revenge.

Stuart: "Bye you little fuck. You can go join your stupid parents and sister across the street."

WTF, Stuart? TJ is your kid!

"He's named TANGO Jr."

You idiot, Mel gave him that name because she was a lazy fuck and you already had a Stuart Jr.

"I did?"


"Where's he?"

Alex killed him years ago!

"Oh. ..................... Eh."

"No, I don't have a flower. Come on, man, you brought Tyler back!"

"He gave me a pretty flower, you aren't giving me anything."

So Stuart isn't going anywhere, Tyler has proven himself and, thus far, earned his spot in the house, and I just love the girls. I can't afford to keep everyone, so TJ drew the short straw. Sorry kid, you had potential but this was a crowded generation, and we are down to one single death flower, which is sitting pretty in Virginia's inventory as she's the one I can least afford to lose right now.

Come on, Stella, just eat the damn ambrosia. Don't drag this out.

"Hmmm, nah. I'm not hungry right now."

Oh for crying out loud. VIRGINIA!!!

"She won't get out of the chair."

She will in a minute, just wait.

"I forgot how fun this is!"

One alien bio-drain later.........

"You know, I am kinda hungry all of sudden."

"I'm back, bitches."

Once Rachel gets out of work that evening...

"Excuse me, officer?"


"You and your whole family are a waste of pixels."

"You shoulda retired, you hag."

"Someone needs to fire housekeeping, there are ash piles everywhere. Tsk, no one takes any pride in a tidy workplace."

Virginia: "Hmmm, I need a guinea pig."

Mmmm, who's around that we don't we mind hating?

Me: "Of course. Why not. You fucking bitch."

"Just get it over with."

"So nothing's changed?"

"Something's changed."

LOL!  You're going to have to wait, Virginia. I cannot stay off the baby train, it seems.

"You just wait, your turn is coming!"

"Fuck off, Virginia. Nobody cares."

"That's because nobody cares about YOU, wench."

I went back and looked. My simself has been killed 9 times up to now, by someone in each generation except Gen. Two. I'm a little sad that neither Jason nor Zed saw fit to kill me.

"This sucks."

Get over it, man. I love you but this is the only way I'm ever getting rid of you.


Stuart gets old.

He celebrates by promptly going down the stairs to the photobooth. I'm surprised he even knew what the booth was actually for.

"What the hell do you want from me, lady? All I want is to fucking get through my teens in less than 20 damn years!!"

"Um. Ok. Calm down. That sounds perfectly reasonable."


"Now YOU can die."

"Oh shit! That girl killed that woman!"

"What kinda crazy person does that?"

"This kind of crazy person, STEVEN."

Torn shirt: "Yup, that is definitely crazy."

We'll be seeing more of Steven.

"What is this stuff? It burns."

When you're a teenage murderer you can continue to hang out at the scene of the crime.

Elijah is new in town.

"No way! We're both mean-spirited!!"

It's not the match made in heaven you'd think it would be.

"Oh you CUNT!"

"I don't need anymore of your kind around here, asshole."

He's YOUR kind.

"And that would be why."

"*sigh* Where is she?"

On her way.

"Let me put the baby down first, damn!"

"Um, NO. We do this the way I want to, not the way you want."

"What the fuck? She was just fucking here?"

"*derp* Where am I? What's going on?"

"Dammit, Virginia! Look what you did to my baby!! He's all glitched!"


"Down you go. Mommy will be right back."

Alan: "It's kinda chilly down here. You should look into wall to wall carpeting."

"Later, bitch!!"

"Whatever, alien freak. So, you know I'm not actually related to this baby, now."

Yeah, every time my simself dies it cuts her family ties. Even though I lived here, the game moved Alan in with his father (Walter, one of the unlucky sims in town) anyway. I guess Walt and I were meant to be because we eventually hooked back up, moved in, and got married again. No more kids as I sterilized this version of my simself. I don't mind having a few babies but I don't need my genetics all over the damn town.

It turns out that Vaughn is a teen and is taking HOURS to get out of school. I recently put a second school in town and it helps somewhat, but I swear now both schools are clogged. Sims have babies like crazy to try to keep up with rapidly declining teen+ populations, so the schools are crammed with elementary aged kids.

SO this doesn't effect Stella's party as much as it might have if sim kids had the wherewithal to go through doors in groups.

What the hell's your problem?

"You don't pay any attention to me anymore."

OFFS, get out of the way and go whine somewhere else, you big frickin' baby.

"I thought I might never get to see this day so y'all fuckers better cheer."

Everyone else except for the Stuart-look-alike-creeper: "BLAAAAAT!!!! YAY Stella!!"

Stuart: "Fuck off."

Stella: "I love to watch tv, am lazy as fuck, and hate cleaning. I know exactly what I want to do with my life!"


"Is Vaughn out of that damn school, yet?"

Yesssss, BUT.......

"Shit, I gotta get out of here!"

He left school, got into a cab, I zoom out to follow him with the camera, when the cab he's driving disappears right at the intersection by the school, and he's now nowhere to be found.

He's definitely a townie with a house, so I don't know wtf is going on. We'll look for him later, Stel.

So rather than watch Stella take out some snotty teen, I zoom back to the house in time to see this bit of autonomous nonsense.

I told you she's a groupie.

"Shit, you are flat as a pancake!"

"Wanna go check out that huge tent y'all got outside?"

"Oh my god, go home!"

Definitely a creeper. You're too nice, Virginia.

So I finally locate Vaughn. It's almost 10pm, you'd think he'd be at home but no.

He's outside City Hall, at night, protesting firefighters.

"BOOOOOO! They are really slow and always say they can't reach the fire!"

"It's cool, I got this shit."

Worth getting out of the hot tub for.

"Who the hell holds a protest at night, in BACK of City Hall??"

"Do you think it took?"

I don't know. I think he's still on the property but I'm not sure where the line is.

"Yes!! I got him!"


These are all fellow protesters. Stella gets them all in fairly quick succession.

Mark and Norman both go down.

But Lenore must have been over the property line as she runs away unaffected.

"Man, what kind of bullshit is that."

You'll get her when you get out of jail, Stel.

"Her and all these other people."

Alrighty then.

While we're waiting for Stella to get sprung, have Tyler being stupid.

"Nice kitty! Pretty kitty!"

"Come here, kitty!"

"OW!! You little bastard!!"

* two minutes pass*

"Come here, kitty! Nice little kitty!"

"OW!!! What the fuck??"

He did this over and over, for at least 2 hours. I swear the raccoon was playing him.

Sometime after midnight....

Stella gets a quick fix so she doesn't pass out.

"Aw, isn't this nice?"

Personal boundaries are for normal sims. ............................... LOL! Who am I kidding? This is normal.

"That was so hot, baby! Let's woohoo!"

Letitia: "Did you take your pills?"

Look who's here! I think Lenore is their daughter.

It's nice when things work out.

Stella moves on to Jacqueline.

"You're holding that hammer completely wrong."

"I nevah donna turn awound evah aden."

On to Tanika.

"Are you sure it's me? There's no photo on the ID."

"My Fox sense tells me it's you, Tanika."

Perry and Anastasia live with Tanika.

They are taken care of in rapid succession.

"Oh come on! I thought YOU got the warrent!"

"The chief specifically told you to get it, you amateur!"

Shawn: "Why yes, I am protestin', in the rain, whilst wearin' mah booty shorts."

I like you, Shawn. Such a shame you have to die.


"Shit, it's stuck!!"

Pull harder, you big baby.

"I don't think it's taking. I'm going to get out of Dodge and try again later."

Shawn kept on protesting, so I figured she's on the sidewalk-I-don't-even-fucking-know, we'll wait for the protest to end then try to find her. Stella teleported home with no issue.

I'm also realizing right now that Stella never got Raven. We'll have to remedy that.

So starting with Vaughn, that's a ten sim streak.  Not too shabby for her.  Coming up next chapter, I let Stella travel. A decision I may regret. Oh, and generation nine finally shows. I swear this is our longest generation yet.