Tuesday, May 8, 2018

G9, P6: Virginia Finds Her Groove

"Day-UM, these people are rich!"

That doesn't matter so much anymore.

"Hey, it might! I could get married again!"

Per last chapter's wish, Stella zapped to the Greenwood house to dispatch Jade.

Jade: "What was that noise? Did a transformer blow?"


"What are you looking at??"

"Uh, the woman who just walked right into my house, in her pajamas."

"Little snot."

"BOOOOOOO!! You're stupid, lady!!"

Jade: "Oh come on, Emerald! Have you still not showered?"

"Showering wastes water, Jade! BOOOOOOOO!!!!"

"Screw it. I hate living in this town, anyway."

"Who is that guy talking to Wei's fat fuck buddy?"

That's Blair.

"Fuck off, STELLA!! Nobody wants you here!!"

"Get out of my way, you braying, old cow."

"Oh Jade, I hardly knew you but I miss you SO MUCH!!"

"Shut up, you big baby."

"Who's that guy? He's kind of hot."

That's Rich Wheloff.

"No shit? Where was he a few years ago?"

You got your rich dude, Stella. Quit complaining.

"Still, I may have to get with that."



Wei: "Shit, this'll end well."

You gonna kill all the kids now, Virginia?


Sigh. Death flowers all around.

"I'm tired of everyone treating me like crap."

"Hmmm, that's not supposed to be there."

"AUNTIE!! What did you do??"

"Hold still, kid."


"Not now, I'm busy!!"

Both kids get flowers since I'm not sure which one I like more, and both come back.

"Hmph. I'll bet I know who doesn't get a flower."

No, no he doesn't. I decided to let this count as a kill wish, to save time since the enemy-making process inevitably leads to kill wishes. Let's just say that once Virginia realizes this, she takes it and runs with it.

"I'll kill everything that ugly bitch ever loved."

"She doesn't love me anymore!"

"Like I care."

"What are YOU looking at??"

You can already see where this is going.

Jen: "Yesssss! That was so fast, the sim-god missed it!!"

Anne: "What was so fast?"

"THAT!! Bye!!!"

I think I like Jen better.

"That was cool. I don't like you anymore, but I ain't mad."


"Fuck this shit."

"This town has gone completely to hell, anyway."

"I've been hearing that a lot, lately."

And she's not done yet!

She sneaks in from behind.....

And stabs him right in the ass!!

I wasn't sure when I locked in the wish but it turns out that Kisha is other festival worker.

"I think I just got stung by a bee."

"Huh. Look at that. Guess I'll just move on."

Unfortunately for Virginia,

two kills means two cops. The first one gave up, but the second one made her run all the way back to the park.


That's the downside to cashier sims. Easy targets but the arrest rate is high.

I don't usually count this as a kill wish since sims with all kinds of traits seem to throw it once in awhile, but Stella's nemesis was right there, so between that and the bar brawl wish, I let her go for it.

"Fat cow."

"What do you want, you sickly skinny snake?"

"You still want Wei? You're about to go see him."

"Bitch, you broke my elbows!!"

"Yes, you hate this town, I know."

"I just don't know man, they keep comin' n' goin' in a flash a light. It's like they're them aliens or somethin'. Marge says I need to lay off the sauce, but I been saucin' since I was a kid and I ain't never seen this shit before. You know whaddimean?"

"I wish this town had a gay bar."

How's it going, John?

"This is why I don't leave the house."

"It is a TRAVESTY that these murderers are not held accountable! The STINK of their depravity radiates through our beloved Twinbrook!!"

Lincoln: "Uh, that just might be me."

Jenni: "Oh for fuck's sake, Lincoln!! You know I'm pregnant! Now I gotta hurl."

Lincoln: "My mother is DEAD!!"

Jenni: "Oh shut it, Lincoln. Your mother was old as dirt."

I don't remember why, but Charmaine was temporarily unavailable. I think she may work at one of the night clubs.

Stella gets out of jail and goes straight to bed.


"You know, I'm actually not that tired."

All up in the club like...

"No. More. Dabbing!"

"Wait, dabbing's not cool anymore??"

"It was NEVER cool."


"Yes, REALLY. It's stupid."

Okay, wait here in the greenhouse while I go deal with Virginia.

"But I wanted a drink!"

You can have a drink later. If you leave now you could still get arrested, so talk to your old co-worker on the phone and don't go anywhere!

"Pffffft. Bitch."

It's nice having the greenhouse for them to run into, they materialize by the mail box so this is much closer than the front door. The problem is making sure they stay here for a couple of minutes. Virginia is easy, she talks to herself. But I need to make Stella mess around on her phone or else she walks right back out.

Charmaine: "I've been here the whole time. I have no idea what your deal is."

It's Virginia's deal you need to worry about.

"This is a new dress, you pointy-eared freak."

"All the better."

"Hi, I need a zap back to the house. By the way, is my dumbass half-sister still there? Oh really? Great!"

The fuck are you doing halfway across town???

"I said I wanted a drink!!"

You have the arrest action in your queue, you half-witted moron!

"What arrest action?"

Ugh! It canceled as she stood there. Idiot. Fine, stand there in the street.

Wait, who's that in the background?


"Why do these people have a car up on cinder blocks?"

Twinbrook, man.

He floated into the house but poofed the moment I opened it up.

It's a perfect fit.

"They said I can't wear this outfit to work."

Perfect fit.

"Mom, how come you're never home?"

"Isn't it obvious? You all are here."

"♫♪ Caaaaaaaaaan you feeeeeel the looooooooove tonight?? ♫♪"

"Oh you're BUCK. You're Stella's ........... I don't know what you two are but I do know you woohoo all over town."

"Uh, yeah. I guess that's me."

And it is on.

"So, Buck. Are you a Gemini? Cause I think you might be my other half!"

"Heh-heh. No, I'm a Leo."

"Oh no that freak ain't."


"Buck will NEVER want your ugly ass. Not when he can have a piece of THIS."

Alrighty then.

"You think you're so pretty, do you?"

"I don't think it, I KNOW it."

"Oh yeah? Well know THIS."

"What the fuck??"

"Oh. My. Fucking. God."

"Ha! Think Buck is still going to want you, now?"

"Is THIS what you do, locked up in your room all night? Bitch, you are stupid. You think this is even gonna slow me down??"

"I think it's gonna slow your fat ass way down."

Unsatisfied, Virginia decides to take out Beverly,

and Molly,

She wanted to kill Maggie as well, but...


Three sims was going to be a long shot, anyway. You'll get her later.

Plus two more. Damn, Virginia. She could be another Tyler.

Coming up next chapter, Erik has an eventful birthday party, generation 8 finally starts to get old, Stella tries to lose the weight, and Virginia goes full ripper.