Wednesday, December 6, 2017

G8 P7: The One Where I Fucked Everything Up

Hey! Look who finally showed!

"I'm so glad you're here. You need to take your little bitch of a daughter and get the hell out of my house. I have no idea why you people are still here in the first fucking place."

Tango: "Daughter? What daughter?"

LOL! He and Idionka are "strangers", they have no relationship points at all.

"Are you fucking kidding me? What is this fat fuck doing in my bed? Where the hell am I supposed to sleep??"

No one is particularly thrilled that the Hitlers are still taking up pixels at the Fox den.

Stella: "Quit telling kids at school that you live here! This isn't your house, we're NOT your family. Your freaky-ass parents are dead. You have no family!! I HATE that people think you are my sister. Gross!!"

"Get over yourself, STELLA. My mom married your dad, so my last name says 'Fox' now. I'm in your life, in your house, in your will! So suck it up, you sad little buttercup."

Having no family traits, Idionka is pretty unhappy most of the time. Alex and Tyler taught her her skills, so she's friends with them, but none of the other kids like her. Even Celina didn't talk to her much.

Tango Jr.: "I don't think Idionka and Uncle Alex are friends anymore."

What the hell, TJ?

"I'm serious, they're arguing right now."

Not that, what are you doing?

"Sitting. It's comfy in here."

"No I was not stung by a bee!! This is my face! I look like my stupid father!!"

"Well fuck me for showing some interest in your wellbeing."

"Just don't!"

"Pffffft. Whatever. Little bitch."

Welcome back to the winter of Idionka's discontent. Last chapter, Tyler flirted with Mel, she gave him a solid rejecting, so he went all Fox on her ass and stabbed her to death. Mel and Tango's urns live on the bathroom floor, while Idionka bunks in Stella's room.

Oh, and Stuart killed a whole bunch of sims.

Look at you! Aging your own kid up like a damn grown-up!

"Well if this fucker weren't so lazy...."

"I'm not lazy, dipshit, it's my birthday, too."

"LOL!! Yes it is, you old fart!"

Tyler: "Yayyy! Birthdays!! Cake!!!"

My simself: "There's something this party is missing."


There it is.

Tyler: "You're right. I'll be back in a minute."

Alex: "Ummmm, Houston? We have a problem."

My simself/Me IRL:  "FUCK!!!"

While the rest of the party fills the house with the melodic, stinktastic sound of a houseful of sims shitting themselves as one, the maid puts the fire out like a goddamn rock star.

Alex: "This is Stewie's fault."

And for good measure.......

Holly: "Fuck you, Tyler! You emo piece of shit!!"

Stuart: "The fuck is up with this crazy bitch punching a hole in my coat??"

Tyler: "I will take care of it if you useless dumbasses will fucking move."

"Screw off, Tyler. I'm going first."

Tyler: "To do what??"

Holly: "Boooo! You're useless, too, raccoon-face!!"

Stuart Jr: "Hey guys, Dad? I'm sparkling!! It's my birthday, too!!  Look!! Look!!!"

I can't even keep track anymore.

Stella: "Who's the old dude? I really want to talk to him. I might talk to him all afternoon."

Ben is still kicking.

"Who's lazy now? You stupid child."

Stuart: "You asshole."

Tyler: "Got anything else you want to say, HOLLY?"

"I'll be back to rearrange that stupid smile on your faaaacccceeeee........"

Holly: "OW!! What the fuck?"

"Heh heh, I'm so fast, the simgod missed it!"

Maid: "*sigh* I better get overtime for this party."

"Thanks for ruining the party, TYLER."

"So are you going to do it, or what?"

"I already did. You missed it. Again."

"GODDAMMIT!! This party sucks, I died AGAIN, AND I keep missing all the fucking kill shots!!"

Old man Ben: "Heh-heh. Fourth time lucky!"

"Oh fuck off, you completely resistible pain in the ass!!"

Damn, Tyler.

"*SOB* This is a terrible party!!"

Alex: "Who the hell are you?"

That's Jr! Stuart's son. He's a teenager now.

"Really? He looks nothing like Stew. What's his new trait?"

No idea, I didn't record it. (Fuck up #1!)

Really? On his birthday?

"It's my birthday, too!"

"Your dad is a relentless asshole, kid. Get used to it."

"*SOB* But .... OWWW!"

Idionka: "Jesus, this whole family is shit!! Y'all got money, buy some class!"

Darlene/Bebe: "What an unfortunate looking child! Who's is she?"

Stella: "No shit, right?"

Tyler: "We're not friends anymore, you neon freak."

Idionka: "Fine with me."

Ben: "Hee-hee! The older I get, the funnier these parties get."

TJ: "I'm so glad I look more like my dad but, SOB, all these people are dying on my birthday!!"

I didn't record his trait, either. (Fuck up #2!) I'm pretty sure he got mean-spirited, but I'll have to report back on that.

"Uh, why is no one celebrating my resurrection?"

"I don't get flowers from you, there's nothing to celebrate."

Stuart Jr: "Eh, I must not have gotten a family trait because the sim god is letting me die."

Yep, now I remember. We're getting low on death flowers because for the love of dog, Stuart can't find death seeds. He's collected three large lots of special seeds over the last few game weeks, and we've gotten maybe one death flower out of them. So I made the decision to let Junior go as he has no family traits. He might not have been able to roll for a trait which is why I didn't take a screenshot.

I have no explanation for TJ.

"SOB!! I still have to get old!"

Yes, but you get a brief reprieve while I take care of a few things.

Good lord, Tyler!! I'm proud of you!!

"Oh my! I had no idea that garden-variety sims had this technology!"

Tyler tracks down James at the coffee house.

"My poor mother is dead again!!"

Grady is also there. As is my simself's bowl-haired daughter who's name I don't remember.

Walter is next. Tyler is totally getting arrested but I love it when they are all congregated like this and we can bang out a bunch in succession.

"Your ass is ringing."

"Hello? ............ What?? ......... No, I am not making any fucking fala....whateverthefuck you just said. Now quit harassing me, I'm really fucking busy right now."

I saw Walter again later, he's unlucky so we'll likely be killing him again.

"Guess what, Sam? I got time for one more!"

"I was afraid of that."

"*sigh* I guess I'll go join my wife in the afterlife."

Good luck, man. There's like, three or four of her there by now (he was married to my simself).

Traccy (no shit): "Sorry this took me so long, had to make a pit stop."

"I'll see you later, Meghann."


Tyler finally gets hauled off to serve time for a quadruple murder.

"I don't like it."

I'm sorry, Alex. I don't know why the top hat isn't showing up in stylist for you. The pirate hat is better than nothing.

"I suppose. Still, it'd be nice if this weren't the very last photo of me."

*sigh* See the title of this chapter? If you thought letting two of my favorite killers (Thomas and Alex) die without death flowers was the pinnacle of my shitty simming, oh how very wrong you are. It gets worse. Much worse.

I accidently deleted a shit ton of pictures. I was going through stuff on my sims 3 dashboard and deleted everything in one of the folders (I don't even know why), and it deleted all the pictures out of the screen shots folder. About three sim days, which doesn't seem like that much except Tyler killed a ton of sims, and all I have are some screenshots.

So here's all the kill screenshots.

Poor Ian the bartender, I do know he finally bites it.

And this is how Alex dies.

I'm pretty sure Tyler had worked his way through most if not all of that list. He definitely killed Ian and Candy because they are the long-time bartenders at the sports bar.

I haven't logged back into the game since I deleted the photos, so let's see what we can piece together.

Now Traccy is a cop, so he's going to be tough. I don't think Tyler got him. And Davy was also a role sim who wasn't easy to find, I'm not sure if Tyler got him or not.

I kept a paper list of sims who wouldn't fit in the wish panel, so I know Tyler killed Ebony, Connie, Randal, Skip, Ian, and Candy.

I know Stuart got Valerie because her wish is gone from his panel by the time he wished to kill Alex.

And I know Virginia killed someone because hers was a generic kill wish. I'll probably never remember who it was but she definitely got that wish.

I'm assuming Tyler got Jed and Kip because they are gone from his wish panel later.

Meghann is also gone, so I think he got her first thing after getting out of jail.

Dave disappears pretty quick so he got them.

So the next time I log in I have to check on Milton, and I think that's Victoria in the lower left, just  not in her work clothes. I'll have to check on that as well.

What else happened? Let's see what the screenshots say.

Oh wait, he got Victoria cause that's her right there. So who is in the panel? Hmmmm.

Virginia managed to get fired from being, essentially, a fancy guinea pig. She got another job at the mausoleum.

Oh, she killed Jane, who I think was related to Ben somehow.

Yup, she was married to Ben, his second wife I think, and she's the alien-hybrid whom you can see in the photos of Tyler's coffee house spree.

Preston was her son, the game moved him in with Rory. Guess big brother David couldn't be bothered.

Oh, and Valerie got offed for being dumb enough to ask Stuart on a date.

That woman must be Jennifer, as she and Traccy are the only ones left on the kill list. I must have missed getting a screenshot of the actual wish.

This is the last screenshot, as you can see, only Traccy is left. I couldn't even invite him to a party, so I think I deleted the wish. We'll keep an eye out for him as we did with Frederick. And Tyler must have gotten Milton at some point.

Going back to Holly, that's a 19 sim kill streak, not counting Davy and Traccy. Way to go, Tyler, I didn't think you had it in you!!

Coming up next chapter, I'll try to figure out what else happened that didn't get screenshot documentation and, of course, more murder and mayhem from the Foxes.