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In The Beginning, There Were Rules And Exposition

Yet another sims blog! At least I finish what I start. Most of the time.

A few disclaimers: I swear, occasionally I swear a lot. My characters may or may not. In this particular challenge they probably will, as they are generally all-around horrible people.

I'm not kidding. They're awful, hysterical at times, but morally bankrupt most of the time. If you like Cards Against Humanity, and think Deadpool is a hoot, you'll probably be fine with this story.

This challenge has themes that include murder and, possibly, suicide. Teens and up are subject to being killed off at any time. No pixelated babies, toddlers, children, or pets will be murdered in this blog.

I am chronicling a challenge that I made up called "The Family of Blood", named in honor of the Doctor Who episode. For this game, I will keep a tally but not calculate a point score until the end.

The style of this blog will be less a Pulitzer-worthy work of fiction, and more the narration of a really twisted reality show. There is no fourth wall.

 Family of Blood

Overview: You are playing a family with a dark secret;  homicidal psychosis runs in their genes. Family members with certain traits have a compulsion to kill, they just can’t stop themselves. Take the family through 7 generations, racking up the body count as you go.

The game requires a 6 sided die or equivalent randomizer.

To Start: You may start with a single sim, or a couple, whatever you wish. You may begin with whichever lot or home your starter cash will buy you, including one you’ve built yourself.  No money cheats.  You do not have to stay on your starter lot, you may move at any time.

At least one of your founders must have three of the four following traits: mean-spirited, evil, insane, and hot-headed (aka: The Family Traits). You may choose their other traits (this is the only time in the game you can freely choose traits).Your sims must be human, with a normal lifespan. If you make two founders, the second founder must have at least one of the family traits.


There is no “heir”.  Any or all qualified offspring may stay on the lot and earn points for you, as well as have children.

All offspring MUST be bio children, related to the founder/s, as the psychosis can only be inherited by family members.

You may move sims (YA and older) off the lot at any time. Once they are moved off the lot they can no longer earn points for you, nor may they be moved back in.

With few exceptions, you must randomize every trait. If a trait is locked in, you must accept it unless the rules state otherwise.

Every time you can pick a trait for your sims, roll a die for each trait slot. On an odd roll, keep randomizing until one of the Family Traits comes up (or assign each trait a number and roll for it). On an even roll, your sim gets any random trait. If your sim already has three out of the four family traits, simply pick the fourth one on an odd roll.  The point of all this is to increase the chances of your child sims inheriting at least one of the family traits.

If a child makes it to Young Adulthood with NO family traits, they are ostracized and must be moved out. No inviting them over (including to parties), and no visiting. They are metaphorically dead. Feel free to keep track of them via notifications, but the only wishes you may fulfill regarding them are kill wishes. If your sims run into each other on a community lot, or someone else’s house, your sim may not be able to control the urge to insult them, that is up to you.

Sims who roll the “good” trait are not a complete lost cause. They can roll other family traits besides evil, and might even roll kill wishes. There are special rules for them further down.

If a sim kills as a teen, you MUST give them a family trait on their next birthday. Randomizing if you can, choose the trait if there’s only one left, or use a cheat if a trait is locked in (you still lose points for a locked in trait).  If they already have all of the family traits, disregard this rule and randomize the trait as normal.

The following wishes must be interpreted as “kill” wishes.
- “Be mean to…..”
- “Fight……”
- “Get in a bar brawl”
- “Become enemies with…”
- “Insult ……”
- “See Ghost of…..”

o Generic “See a ghost” wishes can count or not, it’s up to you. I decided not to count them in my game as sims with all kinds of traits seem to roll this one.

If the wish doesn’t name a particular sim, your sim may kill whomever you decide. Otherwise they must kill the sim specified in the wish.

Once your sim rolls a kill wish, they will focus on nothing else. School, job, skilling, and family will suffer until they fulfill their wish. If the target is down a rabbithole, you can wait until they emerge. Then stalk them until your sim gets their wish.

Kill wishes do not have to be locked in to count, although locking is recommended so a wish isn’t forgotten.

Wishes to kill family members that can be honored, must be honored.  This is, partly, why there is no heir.

Children cannot kill or be killed, so kill wishes aimed at them or rolled by them may be disregarded.
The graves of murdered family members, and any sims you murder on your own lot, must stay on the lot to haunt the family. Graves from any other deaths (including household member deaths) must be moved to the graveyard. You may only keep the graves of murdered sims. Household members who have committed suicide must also stay on the lot.

You can opt to not honor a kill wish BUT you must roll a die. On a 1 or a 2 your sim goes completely mad and commits suicide, s/he must be killed by whichever method you like. On a 3-6, your sim survives but gets the insane trait if they don’t already have it. It must replace a non-family trait. If you deny this same sim any kill wish again, they commit suicide, no die roll.

The NRAAS Dexter Bear mod is recommended for this challenge.  However, you may use whatever method/mod you like, provided that your sim is an active participant in the murder. No meteors or other “hands off’ murders.

A note on the Dexter Bear mod; sims that witness their family member murder someone, especially another family member, will gain several negative (like -75) moodlets. You may use cheats to delete these moodlets from babies and  toddlers (if they are too young for the mourning moodlet, they are too young for the other ones), and any family members with family traits. Sims without any family traits must suffer through the moodlets, you may not remove them, even with the moodlet manager. It’s the price of being a “normal” sim in a very abnormal family. You may purchase the “stonehearted” reward for any of your sims with family traits and ward off the problem altogether.
You may NOT delete the moodlets from any sim (child on up) with the “good” trait, even if they possess other family traits, nor may you buy them the stonehearted reward.

Every time a family member with the “good” trait commits murder, roll a 6-sided die. On a 1 or a 2 they are so horrified by what they’ve done, they commit suicide. No points for their death but you must keep their gravestone on the lot.

Pets are allowed but are exempt from the rules. They cannot gain or lose points for you.

You may bring ghosts back from the dead by any “non-cheating” way available.  You may have only one controllable ghost on the lot at any given time, and you must make them human again as soon as possible. Controllable ghosts can have children, and earn or lose points for you, as well as murder others like normal sims. Because they themselves cannot be murdered, you must make them human within one sim week or send them to the grave permanently.

Ghost babies born into the family are just like normal family members, but they also count as the “one controllable ghost” that you may have on your lot. If they have not been turned human by their teen birthday, you must move them out. Additional ghost babies may be turned human in CAS and “adopted” out into the community.

If you decide to move a controllable ghost off the lot, you may make them human in CAS before doing so.

Family members with the “Unlucky” trait will be prized indeed. They can be murdered over and over, earning you the usual amount of points.

Death flowers are allowed, use them wisely. Like with the unlucky trait, you get the points for the murder without the actual death.

You may only use life fruit to plant new lifeplants, to make ambrosia, or you may sell it. Your sims may not eat it. Ambrosia may only be used to make ghosts human again.  Normal, human sims may not eat it.

You may use buydebug to buy a treasure chest from WA to keep life fruit, death flowers, and death fish in so they are not accidently consumed or used inappropriately.

You may not buy rewards that allow you to change a sim’s traits.

The End: The game ends the first time a member of the seventh generation murders a sim (to fulfill a wish), OR the last sim in the household dies.

You can roll for a trait: +5
For every trait locked in: -10
A teen sim commits murder: +20
Any YA/Adult/Elder sim commits murder: +15
One household member murders another: additional +10
A family member achieves their LTW: +10
A family member earns the big gravestone upon their death: +10
Every grave on your lot at the end of the game: +5
Every 100,000 simoleons your family is worth at the end of the game: +5
Every time a sim gains or rolls the “good” trait: -20
Every life stage that passes where a sim does not murder anyone (and they survive the lifestage, if they are killed and are not resurrected, you do not lose points for them):
Teen: -10
YA: -20
A: -15
E: -15
A controllable ghost is not made human within one sim week of their revival. -20
Every life stage from child on up where a controllable ghost is not made human: -20
A sim is denied their wish to kill: -100
Social worker visit: -50
Pre-mature death that is not murder: -50

If you're still interested, you can start reading here. 

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