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G4, P8: I'm Exhausted

Last chapter we left off in the middle of Thomas' latest kill streak. He's at 19 with still more to go. The police finally busted him after he killed Betsy at the park, so let's take this time to see what other family members are up to.

"I'm not ready to go home just yet."

So I send him off to the arcade to wait for someone.

"They won't get me!! I am vigilant!!"

"No! *gasp* NO!! You'll never take me!!"

Luckily for Elvis, Terry was already there. She's on Thomas' kill list but, hey, he got his ass arrested so.....

"That's right. Let go .... sloooooowly, sloooooooooooowly....."

"Terry. Perfect."

"The voices in your head aren't out to get you, Terry."

"You don't know that."

"Ah but, you see, I do know. The voices aren't going to get you...."

".... because I'm going to get you."

"It's my own fault. I misread the signs."

"Yeah. THAT was your problem."

"I hate him! He's got to die."

But he just helped you out!

"He talks to himself. He hears voices and sees things that are NOT there."

Most of your family does that!

"No they don't!"

....................... I guess that's true. Shane is the only insane sim in the house right now. Huh.

Not for much longer.

"Uncle Shane? I need to kill."

"Don't let me stop you, Lyds. It's not even seven o'clock, you can go out by yourself."

"What I need is to stay right here."

"Um....... I don't think I actually hit him."

It doesn't matter.

"Fuuuuuck! Again?"

This time is a little different, dude.

"Oh god! They're inside me! They're chewing!! THEY'RE EATING ME!! HELLL......."

It amuses me that this is photo 666 of this particular batch.

"HahaHAAAAA!! These stupid idiots broke their computer AGAIN!!"

"It was not me. Thomas did that."

"Do you have a flower?"

"Um .......... no."

"Then you'll just be going now."


With no babies or toddlers in the house, two brutal, teenage murderers waiting to grow up, and his lifetime wish accomplished, I let Shane go. So long you crazy little cutie! I never thought you'd grow up as well as you did. Congrats on being the first phallic tombstone in the yard!

Lydia has her birthday. No party since her Dad is in jail and he's been busy regardless.

Ugh, the lighting is terrible in here. Anyway, because she killed as a teen (multiple times) it was between insane and hot-headed for Lydia. She rolled hot-headed. She is also mean-spirited, evil, neurotic, and a slob. Her lifetime wish is Golddigger. I think getting her married is going to be the trick, here.

Shortly after Lydia's birthday, Thomas gets out of jail and continues working his way down his list.

Dwayne is first.

Next is Chad. Watch out for Duncan, Tom.

"This ain't my first rodeo."

** narrowly misses Duncan's head **

"I need a pail and shovel!!"

No worries. Duncan still has some old woman who may be his grandmother.


Everyone on the current kill list is either a missing role sim, or down a rabbit hole. Thomas went home for a nap when .....


Freddy (who I'm fairly sure is the father of the half-alien teen Thomas killed last chapter) is dispatched at the park.

Where Gavin fatefully chose to hang out this afternoon. 25

Tom nails him while he's playing gnubb. You're definitely getting arrested again.

"I couldn't even get through the gate."

You killed two people, it was a long shot anyway.

Since Tom got busted ... again ... Lydia decides to handle Jill for him.

"What the hell is this? A trailer park?"

A routing nightmare.

Jill finally comes home from work.

"What are you doing??"

"Taking out the trash."


Buttmunch enjoys a new pool.

"Zzzzzzzz that's right bitches zzzzzzzzzzzz I'm number one!! zzzzzzzzzzz"

Hey Julia.

"I was going to read but this bitch snores."


Felix: "Ur sister's totally hot, man."

"She's my cousin."

"I need to see you inside, Elvis."

"Quit bringing slack-jawed, drooling, shit-brained dick pistols home with you."

"What the fuck Lydia??"

Repairsim: "I'm gonna take my $50, not see a thing, and go home."

Felix: "Ima gonna stand over here where I can see dat ass."

"What the hell? Who put this staircase here? Fuck this shit, get in your urn on your own."

Grim poofed in a pissy huff while Elvis simply poofed.



Tom finally gets out of jail. He tracks down Eva but she's pregnant, so she has to wait.


He finds Raquel at home.

"Get some furniture while you're in hell."

"Ugh. I JUST got rid of him!"

Fun fact: Tom is the only level 10 chef (Lydia and Elvis are level 6/7) BUT I never had him learn the Ambrosia recipe because I'm super-awesome at this, and he's a little busy right now. Challenge! We have one week. He's got to stop wishing to kill people at some point.

Elvis: "One week until what??"

Try not to worry about it.


He's got to stop eventually, right?

Ruby is at her boyfriend's house.

"Dude, I was gonna get laid here."

In spite of being inside a house, and being a "I have that option in woohooer turned off so she can't get pregnant" teen, Ruby refuses to die. So I had to reset her, which means Tom has to track her down again.

He finds her at home,

"This is for being difficult, Ruby."

"Zzzzzzzzzzz you asshole zzzzzzzzzzz"


Dexter probably should have turned around.

"It's not that much ash."

We are mostly water.

Going to bed would not have saved you, Molly.

????: "I've been poisoned!!"

Eva: "Actually, you've been stabbed."

Okay, I don't know who this guy is BUT if you scroll up, he shows up in Tom's wish panel in pics of other kill wishes, so he's legit. I must have either missed getting a screen shot for him, or I lost it. So the wish list is at 35.

Eva is also on The List, but she's knocked up, so she gets a stay.

"Um, I was told you couldn't enter private residences."

"I can't. I have no explanation. I assume you know your Miranda rights?"


At this point I zoomed back to the house to check in on Lydia and Elvis. They were sleeping so I was ghost-watching when Tom waltzed back on to the lot, free as a bird. I have no idea what happened, I assumed he would go to jail like always so I didn't watch. Maybe he bribed the guy ............. I'd rather not think too heavily on it.

So he carried on.

"I cannot believe you! Walking into my house like you live here and killing me! RUDE!!"

Bye, Maria.

Next is Justine,

"This bitch needs to get an elevator."

"I'm just gonna wait a minute."

No, you're not.

"Oh come on! Just one little minute!"


"FINE!! But I'm going on record saying that this is a fucking travesty."

"YES!! They're going to do it anyway!!"

You're a pig.

"Not true. I'm a romantic."



"Two lovers, dying together in the heat of the moment."

They both go down.

LOL!! And they each make Grim go up and down two flights of stairs.

Grim: "Tom, you may want to bail. After I harvest the second one, up two damn flights of stairs, I plan on burning this house to the ground."

Jessica never bothers to look up from her book.

How's that ambrosia recipe coming?

"I'm half done."

I'm having him read it every little chance he gets. Mostly while waiting for the cops to come and go.

Jessica died good and proper. You can see her surrendering to Grim in the above picture. And I stuck around to watch her demise since Tom was reading. I've no idea how she got a job.

And that's everyone except for pg Eva and gone missing Freddie (he's a teen so I have no idea, maybe he's a babysitter?), for a streak of 32 sims out of 36 kill wishes. Over twice his previous record of 14.

We'll let Lydia close out the chapter.

No idea why.

"I can do this, too! It's not all about Dad!!"

Maybe she was feeling neglected?

Coming up next chapter, Elvis gets to grow up, will Jack? And we welcome Generation Five.

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