Thursday, April 6, 2017

G4, P9: Remember Jack?

"Ugh, I can't believe I ate this."

And Elvis is ready to rock and roll. He was a ghost for only 2 days. Not terrible.

Colette made the mistake of asking Tom out on a date.

"The strip of park in front of the art museum? Really??"

"I haven't orphaned any babies in awhile. It's your lucky day, Adam."

Adam's mother was Wendy, the woman Lydia had to wait to kill because she was pregnant (and Lydia killed her mother), and then she finally got her outside the dance club. Adam was the baby we were waiting on. Dilbert is his father.

Colette probably should have called the cops after the fight.

"Dada go seep?"

Super-observant firefighter: "Oh my! That poor man is dying!"

"Uh, wasn't there a baby there a minute ago?"


His name is Adam.


He's probably going to need intensive therapy.


Don't worry, Adam, she'll be back.

Adam: Loses what is left of his little, 2 year old soul.

"This is OUR jurisdiction, firefighter lady. You can leave now."

Back at home,


"I love my hairstyle, you snobby little bitch, and I'm not changing it for you or anybody else!"


"I HATE your stupid ass!"

"*gasp* And your wardrobe *gurgle* is really fucking ugly!! *wheeze*"

"Oooooo, a pretty red one this time!!"

You better be worth it, kid. At least Lydia is picking up the gardening mantle from her father.

Lydia goes out that night and keeps it going.

"I just don't like you, Debra."


"What? She was a total bitch!"

"The thing is, ma'am, is that you are no longer a teenager. Teenagers are fine. Murder only becomes a problem once you graduate from high school."

"I knew all that homework was worthless!"

"My spidey sense is tingling."

Your time is up, Eva. She is the final sim from his previous streak.

"Down you go, Minnie. I don't think this is going to end well."

"I hate this house, Eva. I can't go inside to avoid the pigs."

"Am I an orphan?"

Not yet. For some reason Tom ignores your father.

Lydia is out of jail.

But Thomas is the one getting busy.

"JFC, that is the single worst outfit I've ever seen!"

"That's some big talk coming from a 50 year old who dresses like a teenager."

"Oh my god! We're both hot-headed!"

"Yeah, so?"

"So fuck you."

"Oh come on!! I only killed one stupid guy!"

Maybe if you didn't gloat quite so much.

"But ..... I'm just so fucking awesome."

"What are you standing around for?"


"Dumb ass."

"Fuck off."

Ooo, I like this one, Elvis. We're keeping it.

Today is Elvis' birthday.

"Come on, get a move on you fuckers."

Lol! The lot is so big that it takes the entire caking for everyone to meander over from whereever the hell they were.

Pre-makeover. Since Elvis also killed as a teen, it was a toss-up between hot-headed and insane, and he rolled hot-headed. The first generation of sane sims! He's also evil, mean-spirited, and an artistic snob.

He rolled his lifetime wish a day or so ago, CEO.

Lydia wished to be friends with Isabel.

"Hold still, we're going to do this the easy way."

"I do not dress like a teenager. I look fucking amazing."

Or they'll be a little more.

Do you think this counts as "rich"? That's a shit ton of simoleons, but she's homeless. Eh, maybe we'll find out.

"Great party! See you later!"

"Isabel!! Wait!! ............... Dammit!!"

"Isabel, get your ass back here. I want to ask you something."

"Okay, I know we only JUST met, but we're best friends and we've already done it in the photo booth."

"Marry me, Isabel, and lift yourself out of NPC purgatory!"

"Oh my god!! Yes! I would love to marry you and live here!"

I think you may regret not getting to know the family a little better.

They had a very romantic, poolside private wedding.

The new girl. She's fairly inoffensive. She brought no money, and an umbrella and a book to the household. Hmph.

Guess who had his very first day at work?

Dawn gets out of work later than Elvis, so he went to her house to wait.

"Whew, what a long...Elvis??  What in the world? How did you get in here? What are you doing in my house??"

"Why do I have to wear this? I might as well work at Wal-Mart."

"You work in the mail room, Elvis. That's what everyone in the mailroom wears."

"I'm not just anyone, Dawn."

Lol at white-coat guy materializing out of nowhere. He came home around the same time as Dawn but flitted in and out of the photos.

"What the fuck?? I'M FIRED????"

Dude, you killed your boss.


Also, this? Is going to have to wait.

"What the hell for?"

"Yes, I'm pregnant. So what?"

Speaking of pregnant.....

Generation five, baby!!

Aw, remember this guy? Alice is his friend from school.

"You want to be my girlfriend, Alice?"

"I'd love to!!"

At least Jack gets a little love.

I really can't believe anyone asks him out, ever.


"Heh, best kill view ever."

Oink-oink, you asshole.

"*cough* I just *gag* wanted to get out of the house *wheeze*"


He's hiding from the cops. He'll leave soon. I suggest very, VERY strongly that you ignore him.

Wake up, Elvis!!

"Huh? Why?"

Rita is available.

"That's him, the reason I had to wait?"

That'd be him.

"Where's Rita?"

Trying to make another one.

"The hell you are, you tacky-ass hippy!!"

"Did it work?"

It worked.

Elvis gets his job back.

He didn't even make the honor roll, he got an A in school. I saw Lydia's wish first, so I let her have it.

"What the hell good are you? You're never home. You never do anything for me. I don't even remember how the fuck we are related!"

"We're cousins."

"Did I fucking ask you??"

"Why would I ever want to go home or do anything for any of you? You're all horrible people!! I can't wait until I turn 18 and can move the hell out!"

"You want to get away, huh?"

"I can speed that right up for you."

Jack will grow up in just a couple of days, he's almost there.

So I gave him a flower. Just one, man. That's all you get. You've got to hang in there for a few days more.

I thought you got arrested?

"I did, but she's gone."

Cool, go home then.

I figure pregnant sims can't get arrested.

Or she was about to go into labor.

"What's that sound?"

"I don't know but I want to use the computer and you need to get the hell out of the way."

"I don't like it."

You need to feed him.


Meet little Sebastian. He rolled odd for his traits so he's evil and insane. Welcome to the family, kid!

That's the end of generation four!

Tally (game total)

Able to roll for a trait: 14 (51)

Locked-in traits: 1 [Jack] (3)

Lifetime Wishes: 2 (5)

No life stages passed without kills: (1 E, 2YA, 1A)

Kill totals

Teens killed 14 (21) sims, most of those are Lydia's, Adults killed 89 (136) sims, 14 (32) of which were household members. This was a very profitable generation at 103 total kills.


Thomas: 61 (63)

Jason: 14 (38)

Zed: 14

Lydia: 14

Barb: 11

Shane: 5 (6)

Elvis: 5

Julia: 2 (4)

Jeanette: 3

Mary: 1

Max: 1

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