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G5, P1: Just Keep Swimming

Welcome back! Last chapter Lydia had little Sebastian, ushering in the fifth generation.

Becky: "I thought my killer was to be a woman. It was fortold."

Yes, Lydia did wish to kill Becky at the same time she wished to kill Jack (which she did last chapter).

But Elvis wished for both at the same time as well, so I split it. Lydia killed Jack, and Elvis gets to kill Becky. I didn't get a screenshot of the Becky wish but you can see it right under Jack.

"I'm still not sure that I'm okay with this."

Your opinion has been noted.

"FUCK!! I'm fired AGAIN!!"

"Well, you did kill someone, son."

"I'm not your son!"

"Actually, you are."

Yeah, that's Don, Elvis' father. Not Sid. Sid is Don's brother and they look a lot alike.

Elvis took it well.

"So Isabel, I'm glad Lydia found love and apparently got married and all that, but you irritate me so you're going to have to go."

"Oh. Well, I suppose Lydia, Sebastian, and I could go and find our own place."

"Not good enough."

Lydia!! Get over here! Let's see if this works.

Yeah baby!!

"Dammit, Dad! You're lucky that I'm feeling very accomplished all of a sudden."

"Hi, Clay!!"

He's asleep.

"I'm just being polite."

As one does after breaking into someone's house and right before beating them to death with a fireplace poker.

"Now you're fired too, you asshole."

"This is taking forEVER."

Marcus (kill wish pic is in the previous chapter) would not get his ass out of the pool. It's really late at night, no one else is at the pool, and he's just swimming and swimming. It's like he knows.

There's no "call over" option, and there's no object at the pool that we can use to force him out (chess table, instrument, ball, etc), so Lydia has to wait.

"Why do I have to do this? Where is Lydia?"

She's busy.

"Where the fuck is he going?"

"I'm getting the hell out of here and you can't stop me!"

LOL! His face.

Marcus left the pool, unclickable from the moment he got out of the water because he was "going home". I followed him only to have him get out of the cab on the outskirts of town and poof away. Dammit, he's an NPC/role sim.

Turns out that he's a mixologist.

"Are you sure that's him?"

"Uh, sorry Miss, there's no Marcus here. I'm, uh, I'm his Dad. Mark. Yeah, that's right. I'm not Marcus, I'm Mark. See my grey hair?"

Marcus aged up overnight, fooling no one.

"This is for being such a pain in the ass!"

"But I'm Mark!!"

"And for lying!"

LOL! She hid out in the house across the street.

Naturally.  Thomas is going to be babysitting for a little while longer.

Of course she's a role sim. Easy to find but arrest rate is high.

"You never have any invigorating elixirs anymore! You suck at this!!"

"Eh. I hate this job anyway."

"MUAHAHAHAHAAAA! I know exactly whom I want to kill next!"

Yup, that's Jack's girlfriend. She's also at the alchemy shop.

"Well I tried to kill Jack."

"What? Why would you do that?"

"But it didn't take. So I'm going to have to settle."

"For you instead."

"I'm sorry, Jack! I should have stayed home!"

Across town, Jack felt the stab to the heart.

"Alice!! No!!!"

"*sob* I never should have asked her out. *sob* Then they'd have left her alone! *sob*"

And Jack's miserable again.

Ruben is also a mixologist. Damn, Lydia, you've really got it in for the role sims.

"Shit, I'm never going to see the sun again!"

"It's okay, Ruben. I'll be your red star!"

"Don't get too smirky Anthony, you're next."

Preston's stabbing was so quick, I didn't get it on camera.

"That's cause I'm FAST, baby!!"

"It's my birthday!!"

In a minute, dude.

"Ma'am, you're going to have to come with me."

"Sweet. You're the bad cop, right?"

"I'm just doing my job, ma'am."

All during her jail stint.

"I look stupid."

You look fine.

"What did you say?"

"I said that I'm impressed that you managed even a half-assed party in this shoebox."

"Well I NEVER! You're being very inappropriate and you don't behave..."

Jamie doesn't get to finish.

"This is a stupid party anyway."

"I have never seen such rudeness."


He's not leaving just yet, Jamie.

"An egg shirt and underwear? It's a party, darling, not a rave."

See Rosa behind Elvis?

She's next.

"Rock-a-bye-, baby."

"My incarceration was no excuse for the lack of a party invitation, Jamie."

Wait, didn't Elvis kill Jamie?

"HA!!! Nice try, you miscreant!!"

She's unlucky!

Coby is next.

Lydia has some cereal while Grim does his thing.

Meanwhile, far away from his morally bankrupt family, Jack makes it young adulthood on only one deathflower.

He actually rolled odd and got a family-trait for his final one. He's now a loner, who loves the outdoors, loves to cook, doesn't believe in the supernatural, and can be very hot-headed about it. So he doesn't need to be moved out immediately and declared dead to the family, but I moved him out right away anyway.

I chose a nice house (and car) on the opposite side of town for him. His LTW is to be a five-star chef. Good luck with life, Jack. I hope you don't run into any of your cousins.

Lydia is still working her way through her list.

Trisha is another hapless role-sim.


"Oh please, what are YOU going to do to me?"

"Hey, look! It's raining!"

Busted again?

"They're on their way."

That's not how babies go in the crib, Sebastian.

"Yeah, I pretty sure this thing is busted."

Lydia was able to get him out of there with no problem, but both the crib and teddy bear were unclickable after that, couldn't even be sold. So I had to use testing cheats to delete them.

Rolled while Lydia was in jail.

"Get out of my house, Lydia! You're not my classmate anymore. I don't have to hang out with you!"

"Don't sweat it, Mia. You'll never have to see me again."

Another day, another role sim.

"I'm tired of all your overpriced shit, Collin."

"It's not my fault!! I just work the cash register!!"

And Angelo is a mixologist.

"He's too old to be a bartender anyway."

"Hot bartenders ONLY!!"

"Dammit, Lydia. Now I'll never get a drink."

Ha! I forgot that Elvis was there.

Thus endeth Lydia's first long streak. Fourteen sims starting with Jack. Not bad.

Elvis makes up for missing a drink by getting laid at a party that night.

Make a baby, you two.

Kristin Simself: "Get some standards, Marlena. Your life may depend on it."

Sebastian is a toddler. He is cute. I approve.

Lydia's back at it in less than one day after getting out of jail.

Do you like getting arrested?

"He's a worthless booth cashier. No one's even going to miss him."

"And someone else will have his job within the hour."

"Buh-bye motherfucker!!"

And the festival grounds are the worst. There aren't even any nearby houses for her to hide out in. It's teleport home..........

................... or bust.

"Ma'am, I really don't appreciate you making me chase you clear across town."

"You'll find my apology deep in your colon."

From her cell.

She really hates role sims.

"Oh mah gaw!! This wuz nawt in the employee han'book."

"Um, what the hell Amityville house did you send me to hide out in?"

So THAT'S why Jessica's ghost is still hanging around town. Her grave is unclickable, even in buy/build mode. Eh, it's fitting. We'll leave it.

"Uh, ma'am? Would you like to speak to the manager?"

"I may be dying but that is no reason to wipe the 'customer service' look off my face."

"Alright Bastian, Grandpa is going to hog the computer, you can play with toys."

In less than one hour,

"Later kiddo! Grandpa's got a date!!"

"Why is Lydia's kid at the library with a babysitter?"

Long story, just pick him up and take him home.

Tom cut his date short.

"I feel like I should have volunteered for overtime."

Unless you lived at the grocery store, it wouldn't have saved you.

"I still got it!!"

"*gasp* medic *gasp*"

In case you thought they outgrew this shit.

"Take care of your own kid you slack ass!!"

"Fuck off you whiney little bastard."

"Pick a fight with me and you'll be picking an iron poker out of your skull."

Elvis had wished to beat her up. Needless to say, it did not go well.

Of course he has a death flower, blahblahblah.

"Yo mama so fat, it takes her two trips to haul ass!!"

"This is fun!!"

Grim stuck around for awhile.

"Can you say 'cops', Bastian?"


"Good boy! Now say 'all cops are pigs'"

"Aw cops ah pigs!!"

"Foxes beat pigs any day!"

"Fawses bee pigs any day!!"

"*sniff* I'm so proud!"

Turns out that Thomas is not completely made of stone.

"Are you really here to take Bronwyn?"

"Looks that way."

"Good. Now take her and get out of here before my husband gets home."

"Awwww. She's really cute. Daddy promises he'll take good care of you, sweetie."

Hey Thomas?


That's Bronwyn, she's Elvis' daughter.


She needs to go in her crib.


Welcome to the family, kiddo.

Bronwyn: "*sigh*"

Bronwyn rolled one odd, one even for her traits, so she is an insane, heavy sleeper.

"Hey, I remember this house!"

Great, now break in and get this over with.

They never look behind them.

"So long, you alien bastard!!"

"Woman, you do not have the ass to pull off that abomination of an outfit."

"I'm not taking fashion advice from a decrepit old man who obviously pillaged his great-grandchild's wardrobe."

"Your dad's gonna kill you."

"Fuck off, Elvis, he is not."


"What the FUCK is your problem, old man??"

"I'm absolutely stir-crazy from staying in the house all the fucking time! Stay home and take care of your own damn kid!"

I thought you liked Bastian.

"I like gutting people more."

"You are such a fucking shitbrain!! Bite me, you old fart!"

"Learn your place, you little brat."


"Fuck I'm STARVING!!!"

I think this generation has definitely cost me the most death flowers. NO one is getting the science building opportunity. So annoying.

Anyway, we'll end it here. Coming up, Thomas finally dies (do I get to keep him in the yard?), we get one more baby, a long-surviving townie finally gets it, and Elvis cannot hold on to his job.

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