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G4, P7: All It Took Was One Day At Work

"*yawn* Come on, Uncle Shane, wake up! We gotta go!"

"What the fuck, Lydia?"

Of course it's the middle of the night.

"Why do I have to do this? Where the hell is your father?"

My simself: "I hate this game!"

"Fuck you, Thomas!"

"Yeah, bitch! Now, where's your wife?"

"Excuse me! Wife dying, gotta run!"

"Kristin Simself! Come out and meet your doom, again!"

"No! Fuck off!!"

"Don't be sad, Destiny, you two can die together!"



"This is such a waste of time!!"


"There's nobody here, Lydia. The place is closed!"

"She's here. I can feel it."

So Wendy tried to hide out, with her baby, inside the closed dance club. Props, Wendy.

She did, shortly, come out.

"Why is this kid stalking me? It certainly isn't to clean up the ashes on my living room floor!"

At this point tab mode was not working, so I was taking pictures in standard mode. I figured out pretty quick, but not until after this, that when I use Master Controller to open "closed" venues, for whatever reason it renders tab mode inoperable. Once I closed the building back up, tab mode worked normally.

Wendy finally meets her gruesome end.

"Die bitch, DIE!!"

"Oh my god! You killed her!!"

"YASSSSS!!!! Totally worth getting at asscrack o'clock!!"

"We can go now."

And we're still not done.

"Where's Stuart?"

Not in the wall, you idiot! He's cooking right next to you!

"That's not him, dumbass!!"

"This is him!!"

My bad. I have two aliens in my library. One full, one half, and SP likes to make immigrants out of them.

"So long, you fucking freak!!"

"Oh no! Stuart!!"

"Ha-ha! You're green and have funny eyes!! Ha-ha!!"

With no more kill wishes to carry out, I had one last thing to do.

"Oh you are fucking kidding me!!"

"You put me right across the street from these assholes??"

All the easier to find you when I need you.

I send Jack out of the house as soon as he finishes eating and showering in the mornings, and he stays out until almost curfew. I do not want him to get caught by the curfew police as I don't want anyone's attention drawn to him. On school days he goes to the park or library after school until he goes to work, then after work he goes out to eat before coming home and heading right to bed.

Lydia, on the other hand, I can't take anywhere.

"Get OUT of my ass, you crazy twat!!"

I'm pretty sure that's Alexandria she's fighting with.

"I don't even know what the FUCK you're still doing around! Nobody wants you! Get a grave!!"

It's worth noting that Jack is back in the green for the first time since Julia was killed. He's got one day left on the "witnessed betrayal" moodlet, then he's in the clear. *fingers crossed*

Lea dies of old age. Congrats, girl!

Herman will not be dying of old age. This is what happens when you invite Thomas to parties.

"The dip was warm, Herman. I hate warm dip!"

While waiting for the homicide detective to come and go, Tom had ice cream, no dip.

Herman held no ill will.

Tom joined the political career.

On his very first day at work,

And Lydia.

Neither of them will be able to do anything until after 2pm, when the teens get out of school, and Thomas and, more importantly, his boss get out of work.

I send Lydia to the arcade to wait for a teen to show up, and Tom follows his boss after work.

Of course I completely spaced on the fact that people can't be killed on the sidewalk or outside rabbitholes.

"You brute!!"

Tom broke into the nearest house to wait out the cops, and by then his boss had gone home.

"There's NO furniture in this home!"

There isn't. It's odd. I don't know if this house comes with the town, or if this is a house I put down from the library. It's not one of my builds, that I know.

Thomas makes quick work of Xavier this time.

"You're *gasp* FIRED *gurgle*"


This is where it began.

So much for that little crush on Miki, eh?

Damn, Tom!

Alright, but first let's check in with Lydia at the arcade. No teens yet, but....

"There are probably NO teens here because of YOU! You're scaring them all away!!"

"Whoa girl! You're a teen and you're here."

"Well I'm not going to kill MYSELF, you dumb fuck!"

"What did you call me?"

"A dumb FUCK. F.U.C.K."

"Please die, please die, please die, plea .............. wait, is that who I think it is?"

"It IS!! Sarah, from biology.  Heh-heh."

Yup, Sarah the teenager came running when Chanel went down. 

"Just fucking dissect an actual frog, you hipster, vegan, shitcake!!"

"Ew! No way, you murderer!!"

"There're too many people in that class, anyway."

Thomas catches up with Jenifer. On the goddamn sidewalk because I haz the smarts.

"What do we keep telling you, Mr. Fox?"

"Even just trying to kill people is bad."

"And what did you do?"

"Tried to kill a stupid teenager."

We added these two as he was getting arrested. 

And all of these as he sat in jail. That's 16, SIXTEEN, sims on the kill list. This is going to take awhile. 

Meanwhile, back at the arcade....

"Are you sure this is a dead person?"

"Yes, I saw her die!"

"It's been hours and Grim hasn't come."

"We'd better keep waiting, we don't want to miss anything!"

These three dumb fucks stood around staring at each other, waiting for Grim, for at least 6 hours. 

"Oh dear! That broke the spell."

She ran off after peeing herself. 

Tom gets out of jail.

"You watchin', motherfucker? This is gonna be one helluva run!"

We start off with Ceclia.


Followed by Miki,

Jennifer, oh no, sorry, it's JeNifer.

"You next in line, sweetheart?"

"I'd like to thank you for this rockin' good time, Jolene."

"Are you done? Can I leave?"

Tom took a quick nap while waiting for Grim to finish his three-part set, and to make sure the cops didn't come.

He moved on to Cristy.

Then to Kirby, whose subconscious told him to get the hell out.

They never listen.

He finds Kizzie at the arcade.

"This is the best day EVER!!"

That's nice. Quit monologuing and go break into the house across the street before you get arrested!

He JUST makes it.

Which allows him to track down Christopher at the library.

"That is the STUPIDEST hat I have EVER seen!!"


We have a runner! I repeat, WE HAVE A RUNNER!!

Luckily, Scott was right there, and he's a much bigger idiot.

"Thomas Fox! Cool!!"

"Aw, man!!"


You really need to get him, Tom!

"I'm trying!!"

"You are so goddamn annoying!!"



"Quit blubbering!!"

"Betsy's kind of pretty. I think I'll kill her when I get out of jail."


Thing 1: "I got here first right? So I get to arrest you!"

Thing 2: "No fair!! You cut me off in front of City Hall! Cheater!!"

*Hours Later*

*clap clap* Wake up, mofo!! You're nowhere near done yet!

"Whoa, was that a deer?"


Like Kirby before her, Nichole's intuition goes unheeded.

"This crybaby is blocking the door!"

It's fine. You have to wait out the popo anyway.

He tracks down Emmet.

"Urrrrrg, I will rise again!"

No you won't. I have the moon set at a single phase.

"♪ I want Candy!! ♪"

"You'll have to catch me!!"

Well that's just brilliant.

There you go. He'll never find you in the bathroom!

Tom: "You're kidding me, right?"


"No, I will not 'Shoo'! Bite me, you fat assmunch!"


Everyone in this town is in mourning. In any given public area, someone is always sobbing their heart out.


"Don't cry, Caleb!"

"I would never leave you out!"

Next is Donta, who tries to run away to work.

He was a fraction of a second too slow.

"YES!! Another long distance kill! I am fucking AMAZING!!"

I have to admit that I'm impressed. I thought for sure that he'd gotten away.


"He won't be needing any more newspapers."


Erin was good friends with both Jason and Thomas.

"*gasp* I didn't think the leopard would eat MY face!!"

Next comes Karl.


He JUST made it.

"Hello, Betsy."

"Hey! I need a pick-up, thanks!"

"Bye motherfuckers!!"

Not this time?

"Not this time."

Oh well. The current kill streak is at 19 (including his boss), and he's not done yet. Coming up next chapter, how high does it go? And we check in with the other members of the family.

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