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G3, P3: A Day In The Life

Jason always wishes to quit his job and get a new one. Whatever, man.

This chapter covers only one 24 hour period, during which Jason earns his keep several times over, and even manages to wear out the Grim Reaper. But first, some more mundane news.

Baby number ........... um ............... (Julia, Thomas, Shane) four!! Baby number 4 is coming down the pike! Way to not die yet, Carissa!

Thomas becomes a child. He rolled even for his trait so he is now an evil genius who loves the computer. Future hacker, mark my words.

"What is her problem, now?"

The baby's coming. Why don't you take her to the hospital?

"Nah, I've got better shit to do."

Here's where it all began.

Right as Carissa went into labor, like he wanted an excuse to get out of it. So Carissa headed to the hospital alone, and off we went in search of Elissa. What the alliteration?

"Just because you're turquoise you think you're better than Julia?  Give me a fucking break!  I cannot even believe that you are related to my gorgeous girl!"

"What? Who's Julia?"

"Die! You ugly freak!"

"Mmmm, no. Not right now, thank you."


"What the hell is your problem?"

"The new Deadpool 2 trailer is out! I should go home and watch it!!"

"Sir, we've been over this."

"But, nothing happened!! She's still alive! She's standing right fucking there!!"

"I'm aware of that, sir. Trying to kill someone is still a crime, even if you are a big, fat failure."

"This is bullshit!!"

So yeah. He stabbed her, got arrested for it, he even got fired,

Again. I think he made it to work once. But Elissa never died. Maybe you need to chop her head off with the sword, Jay.

"This is such craaaaaaaaaappppp!!!!"

Jason gets so pissed off at the ironic injustice of it all, that he goes full on Jack the Ripper.

And within the next hour, he rolled three more.

I ran out of slots and had to rely on screenshots to remember whom he wanted to kill.

"It's fine. Who needs a husband? I can take care of two kids, a toddler, and a baby all by myself. Asshole."

Poor Carissa. She had little Grace all by herself while her husband feels slighted, reacts just the perfect amount and masterminds the mother of all plots from jail.

Grace rolled one odd and one even for her traits, so she is insane and eccentric. Not too shabby!

Zed, meanwhile,

I don't know what Elissa did to you guys but since your brother blew it, and he's in jail, you can have a go.

"Oh, hi! Have we met?"

"I don't think so. I'm Zed."

"I'm Elissa. Nice to meet you, Zed! Come on in!"

Oh sims, you're so trusting.

"What the hell, man?!?"

"The knife didn't work, so I'm trying the poker."

"That's not what I meant!!"

"And that's how it's done."

"Ha HA!! I succeeded where my brother failed! I am superior!!!"

Sure. You tell him that. See where it gets you.

Number 7, right after Zed kills Elissa but before Jason gets out of jail. Damn, man!

"So, I've got a full night planned."

Yup, we're going to be very busy. *cracks knuckles*  Alright, let's start at the top. Rusty.

Who exists nowhere in town. Okay, scratch Rusty. Moving on the Rachel, who's right there.

In a not-at-all creepy or stalkerish fashion, Jason breaks into Rachel's house and bashes her head in while she sleeps.

"What the fuck? Why is my fucking head pounding?"

"This had better work."

Looking good, Jay. You're not broken.

"YESSS!! I'M BACK, BITCHES!! Buckle up, Grimmy, you're in for an epic night!!"

"Really? Intriguing! I guess I'd better go get my face on! I'm all pale!"

"What a rush! Let's go get the green guy!!"

Who happens to be a cop.

"You! I can't believe you made parole! You should be locked up for life!"

"Life, eh? That's longer than you're going to have, PIG!!"

"No more doughnuts for you!"

"I cannot believe you just killed me with a hammer!"

Why didn't you stop him, you idiot! You're a cop! You know who he is and what he does! You should have shot him, this is your own fault.

"Yeah, it is. I'm embarrassed to even to be wearing this uniform."

"No kidding, love. I got my face done, so at least one of us looks good."

"This is AMAZING!! MORE!! I want to kill MORE!!!"

Sure, throw her on the pile.

Let's see, where were we? Oh yes, on to Garrett.

Garrett gets bashed while using the toilet.


"Heh-heh. This may be one of my very favorites."

As I panned out, I noticed another pile of ashes elsewhere in the house.

LOL! I thought this place looked a little familiar. Hey Max!!

Next, on to Lane, who aged up overnight.

"What do we have here? A great big LOSER who couldn't even kill a teenager! His baby brother had to come do it for him!!"

Lane is married to Brook and is the father of Brook's other children, including Elissa.

"Fuck you, you WHORE!! You have NO IDEA what I could do to you!!"

"LOL!! Oh what, you going to tickle me with your wittle knife?"

You brought this on yourself, Brook.

"Durrrrrr, no woohoo?"

No woohoo ever again, Brook.

"Hello, Lane."

"You killed my wife, you BASTARD!!"

"*sigh* Why can't these fuckers stay PUT!"

"Now fucking hold still, Keebler!!"

Lane suffers the same fate as his wife.

"Brook!! I'M COMING BABY!!"

"Hmmmm, where do you think Timothy lives?"

Turns out that Timothy, Jerri, and Felecia are all at work/school, so Jason breaks into Felecia's house to wait to for her, and take a desperately needed nap.

"Uhhhh, who is this?"

Felecia's husband/brother/father/roommate/I don't fucking know nor care comes home and sees a strange man sleeping in Felecia's bed. Ernesto immediately runs downstairs, out the door, and to a neighbor's house where he calls the police.

Or he sits down and reads a book. It's all good, right?

"Shhh, I'm almost done! I'll finally find out where Bella is!"

"I TOLD you, Uncle Zed, I don't friggin' CARE that you're better than Dad. I don't know who Elissa is and I'm tired of hearing about her. Now are you going to put more money on my card or what?"

"How about 'what', blondie? What good even are nieces and nephews if they don't appreciate your superiority?"

Elissa was your sister, half-sister, by the way.

"FINE!! I STILL don't fucking care!"

Okay, damn.


Welcome home, Felecia.

"Pfffft. I barely even felt that."

Bye, Felecia!!

Jason, quick, get inside before the cops come!

"Dammit! I can see Jason in there, but I just can't get to him!!"

Beating the system, one stupid detective at a time.

"You killed my sister!!"

"And you're next, Fatty! I'm doing the world a favor with this one!"

At least it's convenient when the new victims are right freakin' there.

"Curse you, Felecia!! I know this is your fault!!"

"Why didn't he want to kill me? Am I not pretty enough??"

That's fucked up.

"This whole game is fucked up!!"



Word has finally gotten around. You can run, Jerri........

.............. but you can't hide.

"What is that? Is that an alien?"

"I'm sorry, Jerri, but we've done a study and have concluded that you are too stupid to live."

"My poor wife! She was so young and beautiful!!"

"Indeed. She was WAY out of your league. How'd you do it?"

"*sniff* I'm rich."

"*scoff*, always the way."

Because why not. He's on a roll.

Jerri: "Please Grim! It wasn't supposed to be this way! It's supposed to be the other way around! Wil is supposed to die and leave me a fat life insurance check!!"

"Oh darling, death is what happens when you're off making other plans!"

"*yawn* Oh my. This has truly been an amazing day, but I'm afraid it's getting to be a bit much, even for me. Are we done yet?"

Nope. One more to go, if Jason calls it good and doesn't roll any more wishes.

"Oh. I'm going to stop at Starbucks. I need a venti Blonde Roast or I'll never make it."

Timothy is our last victim.

But he's not going to be if he can possibly help it. Timothy shows more sense than all the other victims put together, making Jason chase him all over the house.


"Bitch please, like I'm not simply going to follow you in here. Wow! This place is really clean!"

Timothy refused to stay still, running back and forth from the kitchen, to the living room, to the bedroom, and back again. I had to try the Dexter Bear commands 6 or 7 times before Jason finally caught him.

"NO HE DIDN'T!! NO HE DIDN'T!! LOOK!! He's stabbing air!! I got away!"

Yeah, I really thought so, too.

But it must have been close enough!

"I'm so good, I don't even have to stab them to kill them! Take THAT, Zed!!"

"Alright, that's IT!! This is your last one! It's been less than one day and you've had me running all over town with barely any down time at all!! We are DONE! No more deaths until tomorrow! You hear me?"

Jason: .........................................................

Regardless, Jason was done. He finally stopped rolling kill wishes. What ever itch that flared up with Elissa's churlish refusal to die has been scratched.

What a fucking day! This took hours to play as I had to keep pausing it to make sure the rest of the family, particularly Shane and Grace, didn't die/get taken by social services. Poor Carissa deserves a medal. She won't get one but she deserves one. As for Jason,

One slight resulted in him killing ten sims in just over 12 hours, the same number of sims his mother killed over her entire life. Damn, Jason, you've earned the title of "my current favorite". YOU deserve a medal, or at least some cookies!

"I like frog's legs."

You would.

Coming up next chapter, some of the other family members get a little camera time, and the family gains one more member, and loses another.

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