Sunday, March 19, 2017

G4, P3: People Are Starting To Catch On

Down the hatch!

"BLECH! It tastes awful!"

We had one Potent Invigorating Elixir that someone got at the shop. Thomas needs it since while he was in jail for killing Jada, Donald, and Eve, he rolled these.

Once again, I ran out of slots. Okay, that's not true. But I'm not giving up the Reach Level 10 Cooking wish. That sucker is worth 7500 points.

So it turns out that Katrina, Simon, and William are all in school. No problem, Tom gave himself something to do while he waited.

Luckily, Lincoln is an old, retired dude who hangs out at home.

Ewww. Tom may be awake, but he stinks.

"Please Grim! I can't carry this stench with me to the grave!"

"Apologies. I'm only in charge of the journey, not the ambiance."

I guess someone was upset that his son was getting all the camera time. Anastasia must have a job at the book store, so Jay has to wait a few hours.

Tom still had to wait for his other victims to get home, so he took his new "Inappropriate But In A Good Way" reward for a spin by using Lincoln's shower,

and smacking who I think is his son around.

LOL! Fresh blood!

William finally hauls his ass home.

"Where have you been?? I've been waiting for hours!!"

"I have a job after school! Who are you?"

"Oh HI!! I'm Thomas. I'll be killing you, today."

William: "You're mean-spirited?? NO WAY!! ME TOO!!"



"Did I get him?"

Kathryn: "Yup. That is one dead dude."

"Excuse me, I'm trying to work here."

So in a nice bit of serendipity, it turns out that Simon, Katrina, and Anastasia all live in the same house, so Thomas and Jason broke in together to wait for them.

"I don't know why you can't find your own household. I can take care of this one without you horning in. I'm not 16 anymore, Dad."

"Quit being a baby and make a move. I don't know what your damn problem is, there's plenty of people in this house to go around."

Cat Ears: "Will you two keep it down? Spencer might be going to PRISON!!"

So Katrina gets out of work and in lieu of going home, goes to the arcade.

*sigh* Of COURSE it can't be that easy.

"Bitch! What is your problem? Go HOME after work!"

"Whoa, what the hell?"

"Now I'm going to fucking get arrested, AGAIN!"

"For what?"

"For THIS!!"

"Oh my god! You killed that girl!"

"And you're next, you fashion freak!"

"This top does NOT go with this skirt! Did you fucking get dressed in the dark?"

"But, my mom always says I'm quirky!"

"Heh heh. I love it when they fade."

Great. Quick, teleport out of here and maybe you can beat the police home!

"But I'm not done, yet."

Thomas, I do not even know where these people are. GET home and then we'll find them.


Grim: "Whoa!! I thought only I could do that?"

"There. I'm home."

You're not, get inside the gate, quick!

"Nah, I think I'll gloat first."

"You know the drill, Mr. Fox."




"Welcome home, Anastasia!!"

"Oh no! My sister is dead!!"

"What? Oh. That was my son. I'm the one here now, can we focus on me, please?"

"How could you? You MONSTER!!"

"Pretty easily, kid."

Well, someone doesn't like to be outdone. These sims are all members of this household. Kelsey probably should have called the cops on Thomas and Jason hours ago, instead of watching tv.

"Nice suit, Luther. You'll look so nice for Grim."

"No! My sisters!!"

"NO! Luther!!"

"GOD I love this! It's better than woohoo!"

"Watch the hair, bitch!!"

"She's not dying."

Give it another minute. The mourning action has to wind down.

See? There you go.

"MUHAHAHAHAAAAA!! Who's next?"

Corwin: "It's me, isn't it?"

Sorry kid.

"Say hi to your sisters, Cory."

"Is he going to kill me, too?"

Him? Nah.

"Hello, Henry."

"What?  What happened to my family??"

"Don't worry, Henry. You still have Simon. For now."


Come on, Jay. You gotta go.

"I don't want to."

I know, but there's no getting away from it. It's about to happen.


Time waits for no man.

"I am NOT happy about this! I don't care how I look!!"

"This is your fault."

Awww, you look nice in your tie!

"Go fuck yourself."

A few hours later,

"Whoa! What the hell happened here?"

Door? What door? Your father happened.

"He didn't get Simon, did he?"

Nope, Simon is all yours.


"HA!! Told you I'd be back!!"

"So. Just you today, huh? Everyone else working, at school?"

Henry: "They're gone. My whole family is gone!! *SOB*"


"That's DELICIOUS!!  I love the Foxes!!"

Henry, as some may recall, used to be Alfred's roommate. Alfred, son of my simself, whom Zed killed. Henry has been invited to parties, chatted up around town, and had his entire household taken away, but my sims must be fond of him as no one has wished to kill him during all these years. I'm sure that makes him feel much better.

Alright, two more to go. On to Stephen!

"Hey, the door's even open!"

Way to make it easy, guys.

Stephen: "I have a bad feeling about this."

"Hello, Stephen."

"I'm hungry."

Ok, fine, we'll do this in the kitchen.

"Enjoy your book, Stephen."

"Ha! Knocked his ass right off the stool!"

"Still .......... starving ........... need ............ waffles."

"Are you Caroline? Cause that would be nifty!"

"My son! You killed my son!!"

"Nice of you to be home, Caroline!"

"So, I should probably go."

You do what you want, I need to make sure no one's about to get taken by the social worker.

Starting with the bartender, Thomas killed 14 sims in roughly 48 hours and 3 stints in jail, shattering his Dad's streak record of 10. Including the 4 Jason killed, that's 18 sims in just a couple of days. Way to go boys!

Phew. After that marathon, let's watch Julia do stupid shit for awhile.

What are you doing?

"I'm going to the elixir shop, just like you told me."

I didn't tell you to take the baby!

"Okay sweetie, you wait here while Mommy shops."

"They had, like, one basic skill enhancer. So on to the consignment shop."

Um, Julia? Aren't you forgetting something?

"No. What?"

Elvis: "It's cool. I like looking at a different ceiling."

"I didn't forget! I just didn't remember right away. Fuck off, I'm tired!"

Lydia: "Somebody at dah doah!"

"I rang the bell! I won the dare! .............. No one's home, right?"

She ran off before anyone could give her a treat.

Aww, you're so cute, Elvis!

What could possibly go wrong?

Pointy ears: "*snort* You're wearing a skirt!"

"Nice baby, Kristin. Did you get her off the clearance rack?"

"Fuck off, Thomas. I'm so sick of being stuck with your family's murder spree leftovers. Going to all the trouble and expense of raising these kids that you're probably going to kill later anyway."

"Hey baby! See you when you're legal! BOOGA BOOGA!!"

Pointy ears: "Wow, he really is an asshole. Why did you invite him?"

Me: "What can I say? I like his formal outfit."

"Is that why we're both wearing green? I hate green! I like lavender!"

"Does it look like I give a shit about your opinion, Tommy??"

"OMG! We're both hot-headed! So cool!"

"You guys are beyond weird."

So in spite of me hoping that my simself would die violently for the third time,

the entire rest of the party consisted of everyone freezing their asses off to watch some sim play guitar.  Pfffft.

"My favorite books to write are horror novels. They sell really well and the stories just seem to come to me."

Shane got asked out on his first date! So sweet.

Jeremey: "Horror novels are okay, I guess. Someone's got to fill the hole Stephen King is going to leave someday. But I'm more of a crime novel guy, myself."

"Crime, eh? You know, I've got a few ideas for that, too!"

"You should do it! Write something based on our town. Did you know that Riverview has a serial killer? Maybe even a team?"

"Really? No way!"

"Totally. I have a police scanner in my house and just the last couple nights they went on a killing spree! Eighteen sims died!"

"That's crazy! It sounds like a great book!"

It was a fairly successful date. Jeremey survived. That's got to count for something.

"What the fuck is this fence? I want to check the fireplace and I can't!"

This is the nursery, Jason. Got to keep the babies from getting to the fire.

"Oh what the hell for? Survival of the fittest!"

If they don't survive the fire, you don't get to kill them later.

" ........................... I'm seeing your point of view."

"Someone's at the door."

OH SHIT! It's axe-murderer Alexandria! DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR!! She's here for revenge!!


"Hi! I'm Jeanette!"

"Hi Jeanette! I'm Alex. Is your .......... you know, I don't know if he's your dad, older brother, or what. I'm looking for a guy named Zed."

"Um, there's no Zed here. Is he a ghost like you? There's lots of ghosts buried in our yard."

"He wasn't a ghost when I saw him."

"Oh. Sorry, I don't know where he is."

"So, being dead, what's that like?"

"Good-bye, Jeanette. I must keep looking. Nice to have met you."

"Oh, okay! Bye, Alex!"

Well wasn't that nice?

"You cheated!!"

"I did not, you little shit! Bite me!"

And we're back to normal.

Honestly? This probably is Thomas' idea of a good date.

"I'm so fucking sick of green! It's bad enough that I have wear it, I'm not fucking looking at it on someone else all the fucking day!!"

I cannot believe you asked him out, Kathryn.

"He's hot! Plus all the guys in this town keep dying. I don't have a lot of options."

Red pants: "You know, this coffee house advertises as a family place."

Red shirt: "You get used to it after awhile."

The date did not go well.

So Shane went to the sports bar.

"How about her?"

Nope, she's pregnant.


"I hate cops."


"You pigs are so incompetent! Eighteen murders in a just a few days and you all can't figure it out! Losers!!"

"We can so figure it out! Thomas Fox went to prison for some of those murders!"

"And yet people keep on dyin'! Poor popo. Tell you what, I'll walk real slow and maybe you'll catch me."

"Why am I chasing you?"

"For this."

"I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!!"

"Damn it! We're gonna have another mess on the floor!"

"Sir, you're going to have to come with me."

"Like I give a shit. They'll love me in jail. I killed one of you!"

Actually ............

"Thanks, Grim! Another one for the good guys!"

"You are amusing, I'll give you that."

Chelsea's unlucky, too!

Next day,

Working on your book?

"Yeah, I really should finish this one before starting my crime novel."

How's it going?

"Lousy. I should have gone to the library."

What the.....? A protest in the arcade?


"We need a new police chief! Someone who will put a stop to these murders!!"

"No one is safe! Even our children!!"

Oh, hai Lea!!

"I don't even know what happened to my daughter. I brought her home from the hospital, and then she was gone!! No one will tell me what happened to her!"

She's fine. She lives with her dad.

"This is why we need new police! Police who can protect us and our children!!"

Lydia is perfectly fine.

"For now! What happens as she gets older??"

"Bitch, like you even care."

Well, well, my neurotic slob rolled odd for her trait and is now mean-spirited! I like you, Lydia.

"I'll bet you do."

Coming up, we get one more baby, I manage a colossal fuck up, and Generation Four may be my most challenging one yet.

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