Sunday, March 5, 2017

G2, P4:Turns Out Jason Doesn't Need Pictures For Proof

"So I said to Lola, 'Bitch, I am NOT hiding any dominoes up my sleeve! But keep accusing me and I'll shove dominoes right up your.."

"Up her what, Mother?"

"You little BASTARD!!"

Nope, that sword is never going to render. Bummer, I want to know what it looks like. Let's ask Google.

That looks cool! Man, I wish I could have nice things.


"He's looking at me, isn't he?"

"I know I'm supposed to be mourning but I just can't help it!"

Grim is a hottie, can't blame you there, Pete.

So of course Barb is unlucky, so all the fake sobbing and wringing of hands is for naught.

"Oh come on, I'm still old!!"

"Sorry, darling. Restoring youth is not in my jurisdiction."

Welcome back to my really inappropriate sims story. Last chapter Jason became an adult and promptly wished to kill his old high school buddy and his mother. That's my boy! Al bit it last chapter, and Barb is getting more and more pissed off.

"Why the HELL am I riding in a cab?"

"I'm just the driver, ma'am. I've no idea why you're actually here."

"I like having my own wheels but this thing is in dire need of a paint job."

Somehow Jason ended up with the truck in his inventory. I didn't do it, but I also didn't do anything about it.

Did you get the job?

"Yep. It's gonna be great."

Since he's at level 6 or 7 cooking, he got a job washing dishes at the Bistro.

"Hey Brook! It's me, Jason Fox! Remember? We went to school together."

"Really? Did we have any classes together? It's been awhile."

"Um no. I was in kindergarten, you were in 5th grade. It was elementary school."

"Oh. Well. That explains why I don't remember you."

"Wanna make out?"

"Eh, sure."

He wished to kiss her. Not in the bathroom, necessarily, but my sims often have to woo sims who really need to eat/sleep/pee so why should Jason be any different?

"These pictures are terrible!!"

You don't have to get all mad about it.

"You can't even tell it's me! I can't post these on Twitter!"

I have no idea what happened, I was busy helping Jason get laid.

"Honestly, do I need a reason? Sometime a girl just gets bored."

If I'm being honest, I can't believe you haven't killed him at LEAST twice before now.

"Yeah, I don't what was wrong with me. Maybe having all those kids to 'take care of' kept me too distracted."

"Again?? We talked about this! Stop it with the false alarms! Call me ONLY when you're silvery-grey, not orange-purple-OOPS-I-really-didn't-mean-it!! So inconsiderate. Like I have nothing else to do."

Well color me shocked.

"I cannot believe you killed me, after all I've done for you and our family! I want a divorce!!"

"Is that a ladybug behind you?"

"What?? Are you even listening to me!?"

"Eh, like I give a fuck. Have your stupid divorce. You're the one who's going to be sleeping in the kids' room."

I thought for sure that Grim was going to have to come right back, but Barb really didn't care.

Again, no idea. Barb was at home, doing whatever it is she does in the middle of the day when I'm not really paying attention. Audrey was at school, so Barb had to wait until 2.

"I was sleeping, but suddenly I feel like killing a teenager that isn't even mine."

What happened to your clothes?

"I don't know. I got out of the hot tub early this morning and they were gone."

Don't you have another outfit?

"I'm kind of busy, here, do you have a point?"

"I'd love to hang, Mrs. Fox, but I gotta go to work."

"Me too! Booooo! I hate going to work!!"


Sorry, Zed, your mom has dibs.


"Alright, How about my stupid brother? Can I kill him?"

I knew that kid wasn't going to see adulthood.

Peter is also at work, so Barb still gets to go first.

Hours later.

"Don't feel too bad, kid. Your father is gorgeous, for an old dude."

"Excuse me, that is my husband!!"

Alright, Zed, it's your turn!


"We can play at the same time, man, just grab a controller and join in."

"Nah. I'm much more a solo player."

"Yeah, I knew the simgod was right. I don't like any of these people anyway."

"At least you're actually dying. Some people still have manners."

Three, sad, teenage graves in the front yard.

"Is that what I think it is?"


"Is it who I think it is?"


"Yup. Mom finally killed the little prig?"

No, it was Zed.

"Really? Good for him."

Ooooo, we have options. Hmmmm, who to kill, who. to. kill.

"HEY!  There's someone I hate in this bar! Excellent!"

I think that's Audrey's mother. *scrolls back up* Yup, that's definitely her. No wonder she hates you.


"Does this bar only get sports channels? How annoying."

"Wait, I recognize you! Why are you still wearing that towel?"

"Motherfucker, I look better in this towel than you will ever look, no matter how much you press that shitty suit."

"I see your attitude hasn't changed."

"You don't mess with perfection."

"Ma'am, you're under ...."

"I KNOW, I know. Damn."

Barb spends another night in the slammer.

Meanwhile, Jason has to run a quick errand when he gets out of work.

"Why am I at Brook's house?"

To get your baby.

"To get my WHAT???"

Thus endth Generation 2 of the Killer Legacy.  Tally time!!

We were able to roll for a trait 25 times.

1 trait was locked in.

2 lifetime wishes were achieved.

1 Teen, 2 Young Adult, and 1 Adult life stage passed with no kills (Max and Kris).

Kill totals: Teens made 4 kills, Adults made 11, of those 9 were household member kills.

And just to keep track, total kills (including the 1 from Generation 1)

Barb: 10
Jason: 3
Zed: 2
Mary: 1
Max: 1

Meet the first baby of Generation Three next chapter!

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