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G4, P1: Party Violence

Last chapter April became the latest household member to clog up the front yard.

And we ushered in the fourth generation in the form of little Jeanette. Jeanette rolled one odd and one even for her traits, so she is evil and hates the outdoors. Her father is Robert, little brother of Timothy "The smartest sim ever". Let's hope that some of Tim's brains and survival instincts get passed down to Jeanette.

"Boooooo! Your family sucks, Julia! I can't believe we have a baby together!"

In spite of being fully in the green with each other, Robert seems to want nothing to do with Julia. And she keeps rolling all kinds of wishes regarding him.

He rebuffs all of her romantic advances (thank goodness for Woohooer). So she went for the Hail Mary Pass in an attempt to get this wish.

Heat of the Moment Kiss for the win!!

"What the heck, Julia???"

Or not.

"I can't believe you did that! I have a boyfriend! I thought we were friends! Well not anymore!!"

She didn't even get her wish.

"Didn't I already take care of this one?"

That was his brother. They do look alike.

So the next day, right before school got out, the Foxes packed up baby, graves, and various other paraphernalia, including Buttmunch, and bought a nicer house.

"Oh Fuck Yeah!!"

This is the house Barb stole her first car from! Awww.  It's frickin' huge. I made a few upgrades. I turned part of the four-car garage into a kid's bedroom, bathroom, and rec room. The red cottage in the corner got an upgraded bed and appliances for Jason. I walled off the master bedroom so it's no longer open to the other room (now a nursery) and the first floor. The useless stage was remodeled into a party pavilion, and I sold at least half a dozen guitars scattered all over creation. And, of course, added a garden in the side yard.

Two problems; one, the paintings I saved disappeared in the new house. You can see the frame for one of the, but there's no painting. And two, two of the graves disappeared. Mary and Warren, I think. I placed them on the ground and *poof*, they were gone. I kept the remaining graves in Grace's inventory until I restarted the game. The remaining tombstones were placed with no problem. Mary and Warren are still around, both of their ghosts have come for a wander, but you can't see their graves. Which I suppose means we'll lose them if we ever move again.


We moved, you idiots. Grab cabs.

Thomas: "I really don't want to."

The second he crossed the new threshold.

"Cool house, Dad!!"

"Die you little bastard!!"

"I still really like you, Dad!"

"Awesome painting!"

Wait, you can see it?

"Well, yeah. It's right there." *points to empty frame*


So Grim comes, blah blah, Thomas gives him a death flower and you better be worth 3 death flowers kid, blah blah blah.

"Ahhhhh. This is the life."

"You know what? Being so relaxed, in our nice, new mansion, has inspired me!"

Alrighty then.

"Well hi, Shane! Come on in!"

"Hold still."

"Uh, whut??"

"I'm melting!! MELLLLLTIIIIING!!!!"

"How could you?!?!?"

"I don't know. I really should get home for Tom's party."

I was planning on keeping Thomas and Julia for now, but Shane is making himself a contender.

It's Jeanette's birthday, too, but she aged up before the party.

The redesigned stage. Of course the teenager is mixing drinks.

"Dad said it's fine. He even told me to lie about my age so I could get an account on"

Views of the backyard from the stage.

Robert brought a broken arm to the party. Good call, man!


*snort*  Whatever you say, Tommy!

Because he killed as a teen, he had to get a family trait. He's already hot-headed and evil, so it was a toss-up between mean-spirited and insane. He rolled mean-spirited. He's also a genius, computer whiz. He has the Renaissance Sim LTW, since Zed never completed it.

Next day,

What have we here?

LOL!! Oh boys.

"Your doe-eyes don't fool me, motherfucker! Don't think for one second that you can take my place! I'll fucking own your ass!!"

Julia: "Keep it down, assholes!! I'm trying to relax!"

"You think I can't hack it?"

"What? I don't even know you!"

"At least this is fun!"

"Damn you're hot! Wanna be the bad cop?"

Whatever floats your boat, Tommy Boy.

"You look just like your mother."

"Um, thanks?"

"I hated your mother."

Jason stabbing her causes Grace to go full on zombie.

"Bye, bitch."

Anastasia: "*giggle* OMG, this party sucks!! *giggle*"

Yeah, it's somebody's birthday. Shane's, I think.

Julia comes back from the spa.

"Again? Who the fuck died now?"

Grim: "This is NOT how I like to do things. You need to move, young lady!"

Julia: "Dammit, y'all! I threw this party! And now it's going to suck because y'all can't hold your shit together for one damn evening!"

Grace ended up wooshing into her urn without speaking to Grim. She's staying dead, sorry Grace. See you around the yard.

"My Dad is the coolest!"

Jesus, you guys are fucked up.

After all her ranting and raving, Julia still decides that her brother's birthday party is the perfect time to get revenge on her baby-daddy.

"The party's already ruined, might as well take advantage."

"Happy Birthday, Shane! Now if you'll excuse me, I got shit to do."

Aw, Shane's a cutie.

Like Thomas before him, Shane had killed as a teen, so he has to get a family trait. He was already insane and hot-heated, so I rolled for evil or mean-spirited. He's now evil, as well as an absent-minded loner. His LTW is a make $4,000 in royalties as a writer.

I am keeping him for now. If we need more space, it's a toss up between him and Julia, or Jason I suppose, if he slows down once he's an elder. We'll see what the game brings. There are still 3 open slots in the house, so I don't have to worry about it yet.

Later, Robert. I just remembered right now that I need to fetch his grave from the graveyard. Since he was killed on our lot, we're supposed to keep him. He'll love that.

We'll see how long it lasts. She starts at level 2, anyway.

Jason earned enough points for the teleporter. We'll see how useful it ends of being. Chasing sims across town is very time-consuming.

LOL! Tom threw a costume party.  Parties are the only way to invite a sim over and not have them immediately run for the hills.

Look at these losers! That's my simself in the chef costume, and that's either Jason or Thomas on the dance floor, they both dressed as hot dogs.

"This is a really violent party."

Now what?

Oh for fuck's sake. You can't take my low-rent ass anywhere.

"You're mine now, motherfucker!!"

Kathryn: "I don't think so."

Yeah, me either.


LOL! I put a photo booth in the house because no one will woohoo in the beds. Turns out sims love to use it on autonomy. I hang their pictures in the bathrooms.

"Wow! High ceilings. This place is pretty sweet."

THOMAS!! Come and get your baby!!

"Uh, whut?"

Remember your photo booth booty call at the arcade?


Think of Lydia as the prize tickets can't buy.

Lydia rolled even for both traits, so she's a neurotic slob. Great. She'll make a mess then get all anxious about it.

Thomas wished to get married, so I figured why not? Let's give the baby-mama, Lea, a try. Thomas goes to her house to give it a go.

"Hey Lea, is it okay if I spend the night?"

"Sure, make yourself at home."

Good. They are only acquaintances, and she's got an SO. This is going to take awhile.  Meanwhile,

Julia's knocked again.

And Jason gets another itch.

Jay cuts out of work and finds Leonel at the gym.

Bet no one told you that the hot bod was going to kill you, eh Leonel?

"God DAMMIT!! I was in the ZONE!!"

"Damn, I even taste fucking amazing!"

"Gotta bounce, man! Got another itch!"

Myles is also at the gym. I'm hoping Jason can get him before the cops show up.

Bye, Leonel!

That ash pile is going to stay there for all eternity.

"Boooo!! You're a jerk, masked man!"

"No shit, Sherlock."

"No way, man! You're not getting me!"

Myles shows the same sense Timothy had, and makes himself very difficult to catch.

"What The Fuck?? You think you can get away from me?"

Yeah, actually he does.

"I'm too tired to run anymore!!"

"Shut up, you big baby. I'm gonna have to gut you later."

Myles buys himself a little time.

Not that much time.

"Hey Myles. Miss me?"

"This is for being such a pain in the ass."

"Oh Myles! I'm so sorry, my love!"

"So long, fucker."


EW! No, Scott! Bad baby!!

And here's all the wishes Jason rolled while cooling his heels in jail, stewing over Myles. Poor Madison is the toddler he orphaned all those years ago, and Louis is April's other father. No clue who Dara is.

Jason can continue his spree next chapter. And Thomas tries to break his dad's record.

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